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Scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented ones because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your special event.

Event organisers may place great emphasis on the look of their event but often overlook the important factors of ambiance and mood. Let Scent Australia improve your next event with our ambient event scenting solutions as well as our other scented solutions such as scented printing - why not scent invitations, menus or other printed materials?

Event scenting examples

We have scented events for numerous happy clients around Australia including: Harvey Norman, Cosmetic Surgeons, Promotions and new products, Rekordelig and Kopaberg apple ciders, Mount Franklin, Australian Open and many others...

Our satisfied customers:

Review by Anytime Fitness in NSW contrasting Scent Australias solution vs generic products
Aroma marketing for Retail client Country Road
Scent as used by hotels such as Intercontinental Hotels, Frasers Hospitality, Accor Hotels...
We created the new signature scent for Samsung Australia

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We will not share your information with any others