Build Brand Awareness

Encourage consumers to identify your brand with scent.

How can scent Build Brand Awareness?

Diffusing a scent in banks, insurance companies or clubs is an inexpensive and effective way to increase customer’s attention and make a memorable impression.

As emotion and memory are intrinsically linked, creating an emotional link with your customer will also activate their memories especially if they had a good experience at your store or venue. Scents will facilitate establishing a brand image and consolidate customers’ positive feedback. For small brands this can be incredibly helpful and encourage consumers to identify their brand.

“Consumers devote more attention to stimuli encountered in pleasantly scented environment.”

- Morrin and Ratneshwar

As customers are more focused in scented environment they dedicate more mental attention to where they are. This will result in the increase of brand memory.

A global study showed that 80% of men and 90% of women associate a particular scent with specific memories and experiences. Just a hint of this scent can awaken this association and create a positive feeling.

Scent diffused in retail stores, car dealerships or hotels will thus build brand awareness and enhance brand recall. This will also increases recognition of a brand.

Facts and studies on how scent helps to buils brand awareness

A brand with a scented logo has a 65% chance of being remembered by a customer after a year, while an unscented brand has a 50%chance of being forgotten within the first 3 months.

- Sense of Smell Institute

Bloomingdale’s uses carefully selected scents to strengthen the brand image in the long term.

Diffusing scent in a store enhance brand awareness and brand recall of familiar and unfamiliar brands.

– Morrin and Ratneshwar

The Body Shop sprayed strawberry essence on the sidewalk leading up to their first shop in order to attract the public’s attention.

Abercrombie & Fitch made a strong impact by diffusing a Signature Scent. Returning customers can elicit a number of fond memories from past shopping experiences there, which allows the company to draw a lot more traffic to their stores.

A research performed in 2000 with brands of fine fragrances, cosmetics and home care products proved that a pleasantly Scented environment raised by 30% the scores of evaluations for unfamiliar brands and their brand name recall was 5% higher.

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