Best Sellers Pack - International


The Product:

Samples of our most popular international scents: White Tea & Ginger Flowers, Miami, Beach Party,  Flower Bouquet, and Santal 66


These fragrances evoke luxury, style and energy. These complex formulas deliver crisp, fresh top notes which lift a comfortable, confident heart, and are supported by long-lasting, warm and opulent base notes. From invigorating citrus, to sensual woods, to a blooming spring garden, you will find an indulgent scent that both fits your space perfectly and evokes exactly the emotion you are looking for.


The ingredients we source are the finest the world market has to offer. Master Perfumers at our international perfume houses are responsible for some of the most famous luxury fragrances ever made. Fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren have engaged our master perfumers to build fragrances from the ground up for their brands. We are proud to make these exquisite blends available to our Australian customers.

  • White Tea & Ginger Flowers (International)

Fresh cut Ginger with Bergamot and Mandarin. The sensual White Tea body is lifted by a crisp Watery Effect given by the Iced Cucumber. White Pepper and Musks add warmth to the background. This is the scent of fresh luxury and opulence.

  • Miami (International)

This is a premium fragrance that begins with mouth-watering mandarin, fresh watery ozone and green cardamom notes. The scent is supported by black pepper and musk to create a comfortable and confident atmosphere. This scent is slightly masculine and injects a sensation of energy and class.

  • Beach Party (International)

Kiwi, lychee and green melon complement a floral heart, leading to a sensual background of sandalwood, musk and amber.

  • Flower Bouquet (International)

Top Notes of Tea and Bergamot induce Orchid, Jasmine, Rose and Freesia to create a floral foundation. Base notes of Patchouli, Musk and Vanilla generate an explosion of opulence and gentle sweetness.

  • Santal 66 (International)

The fragrance features sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris.

  • Christmas (International)

A beautiful winter holiday blend of Fir Balsam Oil Canadian, Italian Lemon, Cedar Leaf Oil, Bay Rum, Green Aldehydes, Clove Oil, Jasmine, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Cranberry and Cedar Wood Oil.

  • Eastern (International)

A unique and exclusive Saffron accord takes you to a Mandarin, Orange, Lavender and a spicy top note. A sensual body of Jasmine, Rose, Cedarwood and Patchouli complement the Vanilla, Labdanum and Benzoin dry down.

  • Grey Vetiver (International)

This is a fresh, clean vetiver fragrance with some tart citrus in the opening. The citrus subsides after a while and one is left with a very refined scent of vetiver and soft woody notes.

  • Hermes Country (International)

Bitter Brazilian orange, Italian mandarin and Spanish rosemary lead you to a heart of Virginian cedarwood, mint leaves and neroli flowers from Grasse. Oakmoss, patchouli and sheer musks add complexity to the whole fragrance.

  • The Rouge (International)

A very luxurious fragrance with refreshing bergamot and bitter orange combined with cardamom, mate, sheer jasmine and hints of cinnamon, brilliantly finished with comforting sandalwood and white musk notes.