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Marketing for Beauty Salons, Hair Salons & Hairdressers

Perfect customer experience created with scent.

Scent for Hairdressers, Beauty & Hair Salons Marketing

We offer unique solutions for beauty salon or hair salon marketing & hairdresser marketing that will allow you to reach your customers on an emotional level, create the perfect customer experience, create a pleasant atmosphere in your hairdresser salon and eliminate unpleasant odours.

Scent marketing solutions allows a deep customer loyalty to be formed.

Scenting offers the stimulation of all of of your clients' senses, and, which if done correctly will ensure powerful brand loyalty and repeat business and referrals.

Scenting benefitsin beauty salons and hair salons

Pleasant environment

Consumers experience many positive feelings as a result of breathing in a pleasant aroma.

Annoyance prevention

Pleasant scents reduce perception of time spent therefore preventing annoyance at any delays.

Perception of quality

Consumers evaluate scented products as being of higher quality. This is why hairdressers often advise scented hair products.

Increased sales

Consumers are more eager to buy and willing to pay more in a scented environment.

Memorable experiences

Consumers remember scented experiences far more than unscented ones.

Service differentiation

Using scent provides a point of difference for your hair salon marketing or beauty salon marketing.

Our satisfied customers:

Review by Anytime Fitness in NSW contrasting Scent Australias solution vs generic products
Aroma marketing for Retail client Country Road
Scent as used by hotels such as Intercontinental Hotels, Frasers Hospitality, Accor Hotels...
We created the new signature scent for Samsung Australia

Start scenting your beauty salon

If you are running a beauty salon or hair salon and looking for scent marketing strategy and ideas, contact Scent Australia today and start scenting in no time!

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We will not share your information with any others