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Pharmacy and Chemist

Positive and comfortable experience for patients.

Scent for Pharmacy

As a healthcare provider it is very important that no unpleasant odour compromise the experience of your patient. Scent is associated with cleanliness meaning that it is very important to consider including scent in your pharmacy marketing ideas.

An enjoyable ambiance can have tremendous effects on you’re the staff well-being and productivity along with your patients comfort and intent to purchase. Employees will appear more knowledgeable and trustworthy and patients will be calm and less stressed.

Indeed fragrances have a beneficial effect on irritation, stress, depression and apathy and enhance the positive factors of happiness, sensuality, relaxation and stimulation.

Scent is great point of differentiation for pharmacy marketing which will give your chemist store a boost!

Pharmacy Marketing Strategies - Scenting Benefits

Encourage Trust

Study shows that diffusing specific scents can encourage trust which will reinforce advice given.

Less Anxiety

63% of MRI patients who inhaled a vanilla aroma reported reduced anxiety before a procedure, compared to just 4% of patients who didn't, according to one study.

Increased foot traffic/dwell time

Delivering an exquisite aroma will keep your customers in store longer.

Odour Control

Scenting helps to eliminate or neutralise unpleasant odours.

Anti-bacterical properties

Scents can be used to treat malodours, and has antibacterial properties.

Push Sales

According to a Swedish study, sales of shampoo positioned near the point of sale that diffused a pleasing aroma increased by 36.9%.

Our satisfied customers:

Review by Anytime Fitness in NSW contrasting Scent Australias solution vs generic products
Aroma marketing for Retail client Country Road
Scent as used by hotels such as Intercontinental Hotels, Frasers Hospitality, Accor Hotels...
We created the new signature scent for Samsung Australia

Start scenting your pharmacy

If you run a chemist store and are interested in pharmacy marketing scent solutions or services, contact Scent Australia today and start scenting in no time!

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We will not share your information with any others