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3 Ways Property Developers Can Use Ambient Scenting to Boost Property Sales
Picture this. It’s a chilly Saturday morning and house hunters are beginning to visit your display home. Instead of the neutral “new house” smell or a stale generic air freshener smell used by so many other developers, your prospective clients are greeted with the rich and luxurious fragrance of sandalwood and vanilla with a hint of amber.

Here's How Scent Branding Can Improve Your Relationship With Customers
Did you know that every single Hilton Hotel lobby smells the same all over the world? Whether you’re visiting a hotel in Prague or Manhattan, you’ll be greeted with Hilton’s signature scent of delicate and calming jasmine. What’s more, if you had a good experience at a Hilton Hotel when you last visited, upon smelling their signature scent, your brain will automatically shift you into a better mood based on your previous positive memories!

We scented Country Road
Over half of consumers say they love their favourite store due to its ambience and that they place multi-sensory cues such as design, fragrance, lighting and music above good service from friendly staff. Similarly, in a hotel, 77% of consumers said a pleasant smell had a positive impact on them, while 43% said they would regret or reconsider checking in if they noticed an overpowering smell.

Increase your customer loyalty
Customer loyalty is one of the most important metric in business today. Repeated business will ensue from loyalty as well as one of the most powerful tool to gain new customers: word of mouth. A 5% increase in customer retention can impact profits by 25-95%. So rather than focusing all your marketing efforts on obtaining new customers, you should allocate some resources to actually keeping your customers with you and encourage recurrent purchase. Here are 3 easy ways to do so.

How Scent Can Assist With Customer Retention
Customer Retention: How Scent Can Assist With Customer Retention Scent marketing is a great way to increase sales and retain customers, creating long term loyalty. 1. Create emotional connection Scent is the most emotional of all senses. Scenting your business allows you to connect with your clients on an emotional level, creating an atmosphere that they enjoy and wish to return to, increasing customer retention. 2. Create positive experiences With increasing competition, successful businesses are now focusing on delivering experiences rather than just products. If a customer buys a product in a beautiful smelling environment and they are happy with the product they purchased, they will have a favourable perception of your brand and will feel positive emotions towards it. 3. Take your customers where they want to be Scent marketing works as smells trigger memories directly connected to the limbic centre of the brain where emotions are formed. When a customer is greeted with the delicious smell of coffee in a lobby or the smell of coconut in a retail store that reminds them of a vacation. they linger, in turn spending more. For a solution to improve your client retention, please contact us today!

7 reasons why you should start using scent in your club or casino.
Are you thinking of improving the ambiance in your club and starting to diffuse a scent but not sure if that will be really effective? We get is as a manager you want tangible results from day one. When you buy pokies you can directly see its return. You probably think that scent is nice but you don’t really imagine it making your life easier or paying your bills.

Scent Australia on how to spend your 'Me' time
Whether you’re a career-focused 20-something single, a stay-at-home mum or a teen in high school, absolutely everybody needs some down time to themselves! With deadlines, family obligations, school work and everything in between it can be incredibly hard to make time for yourself. Even when you do get a few moments to yourself, it can be hard to think of what to do to wind down and relax. Here are a few ideas on how you can spend your specially carved out ‘me’ time with our Marketing Manager Aurore Blake!



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