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Scented Bead Packs

Odor Neutralizing, Aroma Fragrance Beads

Scented fragrance or aroma bead packs are easy to place anywhere: in your cupboard or wardrobe, throughout your house, in your car or add to floral arrangements for a better aroma or fragrance.

They will keep all the scent of a fragrance in these dry beads and will allow your clothes, car, house or rooms to smell fresh and clean.

These scented fragrance bead packs also work as effective odour neutralisers or odor neutralizers in or around any unpleasant smells such as around toilets, bedrooms, kitchens, laundries, rubbish bins, and so on.

Why not try a few of our different scents to give different atmosphere to each part of your house. You can even place the scented bead packs in your bags or suitcases to carry them with you and take your home everywhere with you.

More information re scented aroma fragrance beads?

At Scent Australia we can provide a huge range of aroma beads, scented beads, fragrance beads or odor neutralizing beads. Contact us for more information on our scented bead packs today!

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