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Home Fragrance products - Home diffusers & scent machines.

Learn about our home fragrance products, the Scent Diffuser Micro home scent machine and our Premium Reed Diffusers here. If you're looking for a home diffuser, a home scent machine or scented space solution for a small space or for your home, we have the answers! We think our diffusers & fragrance products are the best available!

Scent Diffuser Micro: Premium scent diffuser for areas up to 25-50sqm perfect for the home!

The Micro Scent Diffuser is an electric diffuser or scent diffusion system which uses "submicron micro diffusion technology" which provides the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented space or scented room. The advantages of the micro diffusion method include minimal liquid consumption rate which has several advantages over other fragrance dispenser systems.

This electric home diffuser has quiet, smooth operation and the 15ml. custom scent refills last about a month when used every day.

The consumption rate of scent in this electric fragrance dispenser is very low and is completely adjustable.

Even with a slightest natural air movement in a large room, the scent air particles easily travel in thin air and then evaporate without leaving any trace or residue. This is called "cold evaporation" or "dry vapor" and is the most effective solution for scented air and room scenters. Since there is no heat used, the chemical properties of the room fragrances are not altered, which provides healthy scent diffusion, and prevents dangerous toxic mutation of chemical properties caused by heat.

To purchase the Micro diffuser home scent machine now, click here !

Home Diffuser Electric - Home Scent Machine

Reed Diffuser - Premium luxury diffusers by Scent Australia

For home fragrance products, our reed diffusers are a great choice. Our Reed Diffusers include natural bamboo reeds, a bottle collar and a clear glass bottle filled with diffuser scents. And you can chose from our set of 6 standard scents ( Miami, Fig Tree, Green Tea, White Tea, Jardin de Carthage, French Vanilla) OR chose your own scent for your home diffuser - you just have to ask!

To purchase a reed diffuser, click here!

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If you require more infomation regarding our home diffusers, then feel free to contact us to discuss our home scent machine or home fragrance products or to obtain further information. You can contatc us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call us on 1300 731 680 or send us an online Contact form.

Home Fragrance Products - Premium Reed Diffuser and Premium Scents



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