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Scent Marketing Solutions... it's all about the smell!

Our mission is to enhance our client's brand by using scent to create superb customer experiences.

Companies whom reach their clients on an emotional level are most likely to succeed, because scent allows you to stand out from the competition. Scent Marketing is an emotion tool.

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We work with you to understand your brand and then we develop the perfect scent strategy for your business.

  • Free scent proposals including sample scents.
  • Free trials so you can experience the benefits yourself.
  • Pricing based on either purchase or rental.
  • Complete flexibility and whole of life customer support.

Traditional brand managers emphasise the look of their customer environments, but may ignore several other equally important factors of the customer experience such as ambiance and mood. Scent Marketing should not be ignore.

Our goal is to enhance our clients' customer experience with the use of fragrance. Our scent solutions are designed to improve customer experience by improving perceptions of quality, reducing stress, building customer loyalty and ultimately increasing sales

Rental and Service

We meet with you, discuss your brand and scent requirements then we suggest the best combination of products and services to meet your needs.

We arrange the supply and installation of leading scent equipment as well as refilling and maintenance of your desired scents and ongoing customer support. We plan the best scent marketing strategy.

Purchase and Service

Just like the above however you purchase the scent diffusing hardware upfront this removing the rental component.

Purchase only

Don't want to sign a contract for rental or service? No problem, just pay for what you need, when you need it.

Our pure aroma oils are long lasting and very economical over time.

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Whole of life customer support.

All of our solutions are designed to create the most efficient and effective multisensory experience for your business.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our great scent marketing products and services.

Scent Australia Create Superb Customer Experiences

Other Services

In addition to ambient scenting we specialise in related services such as:


  • Odour control - we offer a range of odour control scents which contain anti bacterial properties
  • Event scenting - let us enhance your event with our event scenting.

Contact us now to start scenting today!

Get a free consultation now We help brands to reach their business goals using scent. Get in touch to hear how we can help your business.

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We will not share your information with others