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"The use of scent is proven to increase sales,
build brand loyalty and improve customer experience"

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Welcome to Scent Australia

Scent Australia services clients in Australia and New Zealand and uses the strongest human sense, the power of scent, to Improve Sales, Build Brand Loyalty and Improve Customer Experience.

Scent Marketing Definition: The phrase "scent marketing" is defined as using scents "to set a mood, promote products or position a brand". 

To learn more about Scent Australia and our scent systems go to our About Us - Scent Australia page.

Scent Marketing Effectiveness

Scent Marketing is proven to increase customer attention, perception of product quality, the price customers are willing to pay and their preference of a particular brand. It also improves customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals. To learn more about the research behind scent marketing go too our Scent Marketing - Why use it? page.

Brand Scenting Capability

As Australia’s leading Brand Scenting provider we offer the finest scents and scent diffusion equipment. We can scent any space, with any scent, anywhere in the country. Learn more about our scenting products or services on our Scent Marketing Products or Scent Marketing Services pages. Alternately, go straight to our Online Shop to review our range of Scent Marketing products available for purchase online.

Who is using Scent Marketing?

Click here to learn more about our clients and which scents and scent system they use. Our clients include major multinational brands, businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and dynamic companies looking to strengthen their brand.

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For more information regarding scent marketing or a scent system specifically for your business, please contact us today!


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Hotel Scent Marketing – using scent to improve guest experience and increase repeat business.01-Jul-2013

Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and hotels which use scent or aroma are more like..


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