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Business Scent Marketing Solutions

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Scent Australia is the Australian Distributor for the Independent Aroma Group and as such we are able to offer fragrances, aromas and scenting solutions from the world's premier fragrance houses.

Aroma flat line diffusion Fragrance Diffusers

All of our scent machines for business or scent diffuser technologies offer flat line scent or aroma diffusion which means that the level of aroma or scent achieved does not vary as the fragrance refill empties or ages.

This means that we ensure even scent diffusion intensity until the last drop of fragrance in your scent diffuser.

Scent Diffuser product choice and value

The scent dispenser or fragrance dispenser equipment featured below is able to scent the smallest boutique or the most enormous of spaces. These electric fragrance dispensers start from around $1 per day.

Scent Diffusers for small spaces and special applications

Speak to us about your air scenting or scent marketing needs, we offer a wide range of scent diffuser or scent dispenser solutions.

We are able to offer you scent diffusers with motion activated technology, point of sale devices and portable scenting systems for any situation.

Micro Scent Diffuser

The Micro Scent Diffuser was created especially for scenting small spaces on a budget. It works on the same venturi driven principal as the larger models but scents a smaller area & is also for home use. This diffuser can run from the included USB connector or mains power (also included). To purchase the Micro Diffuser now, click here!

Scent Diffuser Small

For small to medium sized applications, the Small Scent Diffuser allows areas of up to 60m to be exquisitely scented.

Contact us to rent our Small Diffuser!

Fragrance Diffusers for medium to large spaces

Where a stronger flow of scent is required we offer a range of portable or wall mounted fragrance diffuser solutions. These fragrance diffuser systems are able to scent any sized area. They are also the most popular and are best suited to commercial ambient fragrancing such as retail environments or any other spaces where a completely controllable scent intensity is required.

Medium Scent Diffusers

Our French made Scent Diffuser is an economic yet effective scent diffuser rated for areas up to 300m.

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Scent Diffusers: HVAC and large scale

Our most powerful and discrete scent diffusers are best directed straight into the airconditioning ducts (HVAC). This method allows even and precisely controlled scenting of any sized area from a small shop to a large shopping mall.

Central Range of Fragrance Diffusers

The Central Air Diffuser range, is available in a range of sizes. This means that with just one device, we can scent any sized space you require.

Click for more more information on the Central Air range of diffusers.

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