Scent For the Hotel Industry

Transform the atmosphere of your hotel and take hospitality to the next level with ambient scenting.

Make sure your hotel stands out for the right reasons. Ambient scenting in the hotel industry is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a positive impact. It boosts customer satisfaction, increases satisfaction scores and improves business occupancy rates. With ambient scenting, you can create a unique atmosphere that will leave your customers feeling relaxed and welcomed - perfect for creating a memorable stay.

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Benefits / Evidence of the effectiveness of scent marketing

Breathe life into your guests' stay, increase satisfaction and improve loyalty through the power of scent.

Guest Experience

Ambient scenting is an easy and effective way to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests in any hotel, making them feel right at home.

Guest Loyalty

Fragrance diffusion of subtle aromas can help create a positive atmosphere for your guests, evoke strong emotions, create an unforgettable impression and boost their loyalty to your brand.

Perception of Brand

Ambient scenting provides a unique and luxurious atmosphere, creating an ambiance that is distinctively yours and setting you apart from the competition.

Perception of Quality

Smell is our strongest sense; relaxing and comforting scent will create a pleasing atmosphere for your guests and improve their perception of accommodation and service quality.

Odour Control

Diffuse scent throughout hotel lobbies, foyers, suites and bathrooms, use odour-eliminating scents in shared facilities so people remember your hotel for smelling great in every room and area. 

Appetite Stimulation

Tantalise your guests' taste buds, and trigger or increase appetite with scent, an effective way to stimulate guest appetite. 

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Start scenting your hotel to improve guest experience and satisfaction.

With our scent marketing expertise, you can build a brand that is remembered for its hospitality and its captivating ambience. Contact the team at Scent Australia to ask about one of our many scented oils or to enquire about a signature scent creation tailored to your hotel. 

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