Appetite Stimulation in the Hotel Industry

Hotels with restaurants and function rooms could benefit from scent marketing for various reasons. Not only can you use scents to improve brand image and customer satisfaction, but our sense of smell is closely linked with our appetite. 

It’s one thing to walk into a hotel lobby that smells fresh, welcoming and revitalizing – it’s a whole new level to walk into a hotel lobby that stimulates hunger and has guests’ stomachs growling for a good feed. 

How Does Our Sense of Smell Affect Our Appetite?

Our sense of smell is affected in two different ways when it comes to food. Much like a fragrance can boost brand awareness, the right scent can boost your appetite. Also, scientists have found that when we are already hungry, our sense of smell becomes stronger in order to increase our chances of finding food. 

One other way that scents play a role in appetite stimulation is by changing the perception of the flavour of the food – but that’s entirely up to the chef!

The team at Scent Australia are experts in the field of scenting hotels and have worked alongside hotels such as Pullmans, Intercontinental Hotels and Crystalbrook. We provide medium-sized commercial diffusers to subtly and silently disperse arousing scents throughout chosen rooms for several reasons including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Odour control
  • Establishing brand positioning
  • Building brand recognition
  • Enhancing customer experience and satisfaction

The same can be done for your hotel restaurant – making it a place for hotel guests to fill their bellies with great food that makes them want to come back for more and tell their friends about it too. 

What Scents Can Boost Appetite?

Studies show that some different scented oils and fragrances can increase a person's appetite. Here are the top 5 scents to use in your hotel to promote a healthy appetite and direct your guests to the restaurant:


Bergamot is part of the citrus family and has been used for centuries to promote calmness and reduce stress. While being used for its stress-relief benefits, bergamot is also an enticing aroma that adds vibrancy and freshness to the air as well as aids digestion.


Cardamom has been known to some cultures for centuries for its use in traditional medicines to aid digestion. Cardamom has also been linked to lowering blood pressure, improving anxiety and fighting off bad bacteria. According to some findings, cardamom helps people cope with depression – all of which can result in increased feelings of hunger. 

Cardamom is a rich scent, described as spicy and aromatic, a scent that would make anybody feel hungry!


Many see lavender as a scent for relaxation, sleep and rest. But science also shows that underneath its main health benefits, lavender is a scent that can make you feel very hungry. Linalool, the active component in lavender, is what enhances the appetite. 

Use Smells in Your Brand Development Strategy To Attract Hungry Guests

If you want to see a full restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner and encourage guests to seek food at your hotel, use the power of scent marketing to make it happen. You can create a signature scent of your very own that no one else has access to or choose from our range of intoxicating scents, luxurious diffusers, room sprays and scented candles to add to the ambience of your hotel restaurant. 

Contact Scent Australia to learn more about scent marketing and how scents can work their magic to make your hotel guests hungry for more.