Scent for Shopping Centres & Malls

Ambient scenting is the easiest and most cost effective way to help your retailers and make your shopping centre or mall more successful.

Shopping centre operators must entice consumers to their mall while competing with rapidly growing, competitively priced online platforms. Personal experiences are crucial to increase customer retention rates and spending. Ultimately, it's all about enhancing the consumer experience to get them coming back and keeping the businesses in your centre profitable and successful.

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Benefits / Evidence of the effectiveness of scent marketing

Entice, Engage, Succeed! In today's competitive retail landscape, shopping centre operators need to create unforgettable experiences to boost customer retention and spending. 

Improved guest experience

Malls can utilise scent to elevate a shopper’s mood, enhance their journey through your property, and deliver your own unique experience for their enjoyment.

Guest Loyalty

Customers are more likely to buy, and pay more, in a scented environment, fragrance helps them to remember the positive experience, leading to repeat business.

Tenant Loyalty

Shoppers will return regularly to a mall with perceived high quality products, creating more foot traffic for stores and incentivising them to stay in the mall rather than moving elsewhere. 

Perception Of Quality

Consumers evaluate scented products as being of higher quality, and likewise view a scented mall as containing higher quality stores and products.

Odour Control

Eliminate odours from garbage rooms, food courts and restrooms with ambient scenting, so people remember your mall for smelling great in every area.

Appetite Stimulation

Tantalise consumer taste buds with ambient scenting in your dining areas as studies have shown that scent can trigger or increase appetite. 

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Start scenting your shopping centre and enjoy increased sales and higher intention to return to the mall.

Spice up your shopping centre marketing strategies with the help of scent. If you'd like to see what it's all about, get some free samples or just chat to us, get in touch. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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