POS Marketing with Scent

POS Marketing with Scent

POS marketing using scent allows you to activate your next product launch with Point of Sale scenting systems from Scent Australia.

We specialise in bespoke scent dispenser systems featuring a range of technologies to take your point of sale marketing (POS Marketing) to the next level and stimulate purchasing. Please get in touch with us to discuss any of the following as we can scent any project with any custom scent required.

  • Ambient scenting (scenting an environment)
  • Scent on demand (push button scenting) for Point of Purchase Marketing (POP Marketing)
  • Scent diffusion with motion sensors

Scent Australia introduces the POPAroma device, a low cost way to integrate scent in an interactive and fun way at the Point of Sale (POS)!

The POPAroma is perfect for your point of sale marketing (POS marketing) or point of purchase marketing (POP marketing) and scenting needs and can be formatted in any colour and supplied with a range of mounting options to suit your point of sale material.

Perfect for food and beverage scents as well as FMCG products. We can create the scent of any flavour or alternatively use the actual product fragrance if it has one!

Who is using Scent for Point of Sale Marketing?

Click here to learn more about our clients and which scents they use for POP or POS Marketing. Our clients include major multinational brands, businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and dynamic companies looking to strengthen their brand. You can also review our retail scenting case studies on the Scents for Shops and Retail page.

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