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Premium Scented Candles Australia - Wholesale

Scent Australia offers a large range of high-end premium scented candles scented with our bespoke fragrances, Our beautiful premium candles allow your customers to recreate your store ambiance in their home by diffusing your Signature Scent in Australian scented candles. Every time that they'll light this candle, it will remind them of the incredible experience they had in your business. They will definitely keep you in mind.

About Premium Scented Candles

Our scented candles can be customised to match your brand colour and style. Scent Australia offers customized packaging to make sure you offer candles that are part of your brand communication. And the most important, they smell amazing!


Personalized sizes

Our candles can be customised to any size from small to large, anything you can think of really!


High quality ingredients

The premium candles are made of high quality soy blend wax and fine fragrance. We can use your Signature Scent to create a personalised candle that your customer will love to smell to remember you.


Custom branding and packaging

Our candles are available with personalised branding and packaging.


Wholesale orders

Minimum Order Quantity of 100 units.

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