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Ambient Scenting Systems

Have you ever noticed how a subtle and pleasant aroma in the air can put you in a good mood?

That is exactly the purpose of our Ambient Scenting solutions.

A relevant and inspiring aroma infused into the air via one of our fragrance diffusers will put your customers in a good mood so that they linger longer and spend more in your store. We think ambient scents should therefore be a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

And you can also create a wonderful environment in your house with ambient scenting for your home.

Ambient scenting refers to the creation of wonderful ambiance via the addition of a scented environment.

The method

  • It’s about the scent - we develop a beautiful scent  or fragrance which matches and enhances your brand. Our perfumer considers your customer demographics, colours, product offerings and many other factors to determine the perfect scent for your brand. Our perfumer is among the best in the world and has delivered perfumes for some of the world’s top brands.
  • Next comes the hardware. Our scent diffusers work on the basis of cold air diffusion. We completely nebulise (atomise) the scent into the air so that the air is scented and fills the required space. The intensity and operating hours are completely controllable electronically. Our equipment can be easily hidden within your business or alternatively connected to the HVAC air ducting. Lastly the scent diffusers are available for rent or hire – including the consumables!
  • Lastly comes the service! Our technicians can get you scenting no matter where you are located. Our equipment is so easy to use you might prefer your staff to take care of it. Scenting with Scent Australia is easy and inexpensive.
Ambient Scent Marketing Solutions
Ambient Scent Marketing in RETAIL Stores ... we're the spcialists!

Ambient Scent Marketing RETAIL Examples

Scent Australia has created bespoke scents for major retailers including:

  • OPSM
  • Country Road
  • Myer
  • Samsung
  • Target
  • Cotton On
  • Watches Of Switzerland
  • Laura Ashley
  • Metricon and other property developers
  • Shopping Malls from Most Major Brands.

HOTEL Examples

We have created wonderful signature scents for numerous hotel properties around the country.

  • Intercontinental
  • Rydges
  • Rendezvous
  • Accor
  • Frasers
  • Wrest Point Casino
  • Bankstown Sports Club
  • And MANY other boutique properties around the country

Ambient Scent Marketing Benefits

  • Improve mood
  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Tempt passing traffic
  • Increase your sales.

Still unsure? We offer free trials or samples and we can even send you a journal review of all the major academic evidence supporting these claims of the benefits on ambient scents in business.
 Contact Scent Australia today to start the process of accruing benefits for ambient scents or ambient scent m