Scent Marketing Case Studies ...

It's all about the smell!

Scent Marketing Case Studies

Aroma Marketing Success Stories - Scent Marketing Examples from Scent Australia

Scent marketing is the newest way that businesses can easily connect with customers on an emotional level. Savvy hotel operators, retailers and many other kinds of businesses have realised these benefits. We have found that almost every single client whom tested our products, ended up using them on an ongoing basis thanks to the wonderful feedback they receive from their customers and clientele.

The reason? No one bothers to tell the receptionist at a hotel or a shop that the decor is attractive or that nice music fills the air but every day our clients receive comments and inquiries about the wonderful scent in the air!

Below you will find scent marketing case studies with solutions or examples of industries who have had scent marketing success.

Do you have a scent marketing strategy for your business? If not, contact us to find out how you can set yourself apart from your competition!