Scented Promotional Products

It's all about the smell!

Scented Promotional Products

Bespoke Promotional Products incl. Bespoke Scented Candles

Bespoke Scented Brand Extensions

Once we start to scent your business, one thing is for sure, your customers and clients will give you daily complements and most of them will want to buy your scent. This offers two amazing benefits for your business. In addition to the increased brand loyalty, your business can create extra revenue by reselling your scent via bespoke promotional products based on your unique scent. In addition to this by branding each item in your scent, you will be creating an advertising beacon to remind your customer about you and also to advertise your brand to their network. We can develop beautiful and low cost bespoke branded products just for your business.

Bespoke Scented Candles

Our scent air diffusers run on especially formulated fine fragrances however we can easily reformulate these exact aromas into beautiful bespoke scented candles of any deign. With our team of experts we can manage the entire process and deliver an amazing product for your business.

Bespoke Reed Diffusers

As with scented candles we can create wonderful read diffusers in your brand scent, in any style.

Scented wooden fridge magnets

Another option to remind customers about you - especially great for food businesses. We can create beautiful wooden fridge magnets which can be scented in your scent.

Branded Micro Diffusers

We can brand our micro scent diffusers into your brand, supplied with your fragrance for you to offer to your customers.

Scented novelty and other items

Don't see what you are looking for on our site? Just contact us now as we have a network of manufacturing partners which we can draw on to create nearly any product you can imagine.

Scented Promotional Products

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