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Scent marketing for every business

Create positive experiences and lasting memories that keep customers coming back.
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Scent marketing for every business. Create positive experiences and lasting memories that keep customers coming back.

Top quality scent marketing products

As Australia’s leading Brand Scenting provider, we offer the finest scents and scent diffusion equipment for any space, anywhere in the world.

Why use scent marketing?

Scent marketing is proven to increase customer attention, perception of product quality, the price customers are willing to pay and their brand loyalty.

  • Increase dwell time
    Increase dwell time

    Encourage customers to stay longer with scent.

  • Improve customer experience
    Improve CX

    Create a stronger connection with your customers through scent.

  • Encourage customer loyalty
    Encourage loyalty

    Build customer loyalty by creating an exceptional first impression and a memorable experience.

  • Increase sales
    Increase sales

    Put customers in a buying mood with an emotional link driven by fragrance.

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Scent Marketing effects consumer behaviour

Discover the science behind fragrance marketing

Numerous studies have demonstrated the powerful impact that Scent may have on consumer behaviour.

Scent has an immediate and compelling effect on customers as they are directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions.

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Aroma diffusers & scents, fragrances & oils for home use

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