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Welcome to Scent Australia, where the art of scenting transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

We offer scent diffusion equipment with full service and retail scent solutions for any space, anywhere in the world.

At Scent Australia, we combine the art of engaging the senses with the science of smell. Infuse identity through intentional fragrances designed to transform ordinary spaces into evocative experiences. Our scent solutions and diffusers encapsulate knowledge from scent psychology, the craftsmanship of master perfumers, the expertise of our in-house specialists, and collaboration with world-class perfume houses.

The power of scent

One hundred times more memorable than other senses, smell is a branding powerhouse. Amplifying quality perception by 25% and purchase intent by 80%, fragrance forges a lasting impression, maximises ROI and differentiates your brand. In a scented space, customers feel more relaxed and decisive, and linger 40% longer.

Our sense of smell summons 75% of our daily emotions, so intensify this influence to build an emotional bridge to your brand. Using the nuance of your brand identity to inform our signature scent design, we create dynamic, compelling environments that foster a loyal community united through shared emotions. In short – scent sells.


The science of scent

Scent is directly linked to the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories. It triggers powerful emotional responses that influence how customers connect with your brand.


Increase in customer expenditure

can be caused by ambient scenting


Increase in brand engagement and impact

when more than 3 senses are engaged

Why Scent Australia?

Our commitment to innovation combines evolving technologies with effortless scent management.

The power of scent

Scent is an unparalleled brand language. Scent imprints an enduring impression, creating brand synergy and differentiation, amplifying ROI and growing brand recognition and recall.

Brand Recall & Customer Loyalty

Consumers remember and recall scented shops & venues more vividly compared to unscented ones, fostering a memorable experience and enhancing brand recall.

Increase ROI

Studies have demonstrated impressive ROI with scent marketing, with increases in sales once scents are added.*

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Discover our products

We provide comprehensive scent solutions from scent creation to full-service equipment installation and maintenance. Based in Australia with global coverage, we scent any sized space, wherever you are, and provide ongoing personalised, responsive support to strengthen your brand. Our innovative culture seamlessly combines leading technologies with simple scent management to expand your brand universe.

Extend your brand universe

Harness the value of your brand image and awareness to establish a lasting connection. Whether your signature scent embodies the essence of carefree summers, contemplative possibilities, or empowered confidence, transform the scented experience in your space into a collection of take-home products.

Enhance your brand with signature scented products, including candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays. Extend your reach through our contract manufacturing service, crafting labels and packaging that align perfectly with your brand identity for a streamlined and effortless expansion.

Let’s talk scents

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