The power of scent

Scent is an unparalleled brand language. One hundred times more memorable than anything seen, heard or touched, a circulating scent enhances positive brand impression by 25% and boosts purchase intent by 80%. Scent imprints an enduring impression, creating brand synergy and differentiation, amplifying ROI and growing brand recognition and recall.

Your brand embodied in a vivid, nuanced scent promotes consistent identity and encourages loyalty.

A scented space is an engaging space where customers linger 40% longer, spend more, and feel calmer,more confident and at ease.

Foster community through shared feel and build an emotional bridge with scented branding.

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The science of scent

Scent is directly linked to the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories. It triggers powerful emotional responses that influence how customers connect with your brand.

Affect action

Because our sense of smell summons 75% of our everyday emotions, infusing a signature scent to intensify them has significant sway. A brand fragrance creates a dynamic space where people experience a 40% mood lift, feel less anxious, linger longer and spend more.

To increase impact by 70%, simultaneously engage more than three senses by scenting your space.


Increase in customer expenditure

can be caused by ambient scenting

Floral & citrus scents
can cause people to linger longer by

when more than 3 senses are engaged



Increase in brand engagement and impact

when more than 3 senses are engaged


of all emotions

generated every day are due to smell

40% mood


after being exposed to pleasant scents


We are 100x

more likely to

remember what wesmell versus whatwe hear or touch.


1 trillion

different odours

can be distinguishedby the human nose

Scent diffuser vs aerosol

Run-of-the-mill aerosols emit intense bursts of large particles that settle quickly on the ground. This creates a concentrated scent in the nearby area, leaving the rest of the space untouched. In contrast, our sophisticated diffusers enhance aesthetics and subtly conduct their ambient alchemy.

Tech talk
The Scent Australia system of micro nebulisation ‘atomises’ the scent to produce fine particles. These travel in the air, scenting the whole space, not just a localised area. Our cutting-edge cold air scent diffusion method distributes scents in a pure, dry mist for a consistent experience. The internal air compressor perfects misting intervals to maintain an exact scent level for a continuous and enduring fragrance that reflects the integrity of the composition.

Scent your story and infuse identity

Drawing on over a decade of expertise in scent marketing, we leverage this strong foundation to tailor scent marketing solutions to your objectives. Through our in-depth understanding of scent psychology and consumer behaviour, we harness the potent influence of fragrance to create immersive experiences. Layered with top-tier raw ingredients, our captivating fragrances elevate your atmosphere.

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Why Scent Australia?

Based in Australia with global coverage, we scent spaces wherever you are. From scent design and creation to equipment installation and maintenance, we build enduring relationships through personalised, responsive support. Our commitment to innovation combines evolving technologies with effortless scent management.

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