Scent Machine Rental

It's all about the smell!

Scent Machines Hire

Whilst we do have an online shopping cart – did you know that more than 90% of our customers prefer to rent their equipment from us rather than buy it?

Renting your scent diffuser from Scent Australia offers numerous benefits including

  • All inclusive fixed price cost including the highest quality fine fragrance diffuser oils
  • Whole of life customer support
  • Service by our trained technicians
  • Flexible rental agreements
  • Flexible scent diffuser hiring contracts for periods from 1 day to 2 years
  • No warranty claims ... ever – if your scent diffuser equipment breaks down (which almost never happens) we will immediately exchange it with a replacement!

We are a service-based business after all and with our scent machine rent or hire or scent diffuser rental options, we keep your stores smelling amazing & your customers will surely notice the benefits.

Who is using Scent Marketing?

Click here to learn more about our clients and which scents they use. Our clients include major multinational brands, businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and dynamic companies looking to strengthen their brand.

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For more information regarding the hire or rental of scent marketing equipment for your business, please contact us today!