Why Scent Australia?

Scent Australia advantages and benefits.

Scent Australia fragrances and diffuser equipment

What we offer?

At Scent Australia we offer the best fragrance diffusers and scenting equipment around. This means exactly controllable and safe scenting intensity combined with room fragrances or perfumes created by the best noses on the planet. When selecting your scent marketing provider we recommend you consider the diffuser equipment, the range and quality of the fragrances and the service offerered, as these are the only three components which matter.

Our scent diffusion equipment advantages

Wide range

Wide scent diffuser range available to scent any sized area from the smallest waiting room to an entire shopping mall.

Straight line scent intensity

Even scent intensity until the last drop meaning that the fragrance experience is constant.

Long machine life

Average 10 year machine life with 2 year standard warranty option.

Scent Diffusion System

The original Scent Diffusion System using nebulisation of scent – able to scent any area required depending on model chosen.

‘Plug and play’

No service – our machines are ‘plug and play’ and require no maintenance.

Easy to refill

No messy mixing oils or screwing in oil bottles. With each new refill you are using a new cartridge which removes any risk of system blockage and performance decrease over time.

Scent Diffuser vs Aerosol

  • Traditional aerosols spray large particles around 80 microns which generally fall to the floor, creating an intense scent in a small area with no scent elsewhere.
  • Our system of micro nebulisation ‘atomises’ the scent into very fine particles which travel in the air scenting all the air in a given space – not just the area around the diffuser.
  • Our cold air scent diffusion method means no propellants are required. The internal air compressor in our diffuser creates the required ‘misting’ intervals for an exactly controllable scenting level.
Scent diffusers for very large spaces

Our scent diffusion fragrance benefits

IFRA approved fragrances

Highest standard of IFRA approved fragrances especially formulated for air scent diffusion - not just any old perfume.

Longest fragrance life

Our scent diffuser consume scent at a rate as low as one quarter of that of our competitors. The fragrance oil is more concentrated, meaning you need less to create the same effect.

Safe and pure scents

The scent is safer as it is purer as only the odour molecules are introduced into the air.

Authentic scents and exact scent intensity

Consumers remember scented shops more than unscented ones.

Custom scents and fragrances

Consumers experience many positive feelings as a result of breathing in a pleasant aroma.

Subtle, not overpowering

Scent is a new and unique marketing idea for businesses to help them to stand out from the crowd!

Scent Nebulisation compared to Scented Candles

Scent Nebulisation compared to Scented Candles

  • No fire risk. Whilst candles are wonderful around the home, they are a complete no-no in public areas and shops.
  • No heating of oil which is changes the perfume profile (the quality).
  • The performance of our equipment is completely controllable in terms of operating hours and intensity levels. No relighting and resting of candles.
  • Our diffusers offer lower running cost per scent than a scented candle.

Who is using Scent Marketing?

Click here to learn more about our clients and which scents they use. Our clients include major multinational brands, businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and dynamic companies looking to strengthen their brand.

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