How it works

Follow this straightforward process to elevate your space's atmosphere and captivate your customers with the power of scent.


Choose your fragrance

Begin your journey by either ordering a set of free sample packs to explore our range of captivating fragrances or by creating your very own signature scent with us that encapsulates the essence of your brand.


02 Choose your diffuser

Choose the perfect diffuser that suits your space, whether it's cosy or expansive. Select your contract terms, determine the serviced area, and calculate the required cartridge based on your space's size.

HVAC / Air Conditioner Diffuser

Bluetooth enabled

Medium Commercial Scent Diffuser

Bluetooth enabled

Bathroom Diffuser

Bluetooth enabled


Choose your cartridge

Once you’ve selected your diffuser, contract term and understood your cartridge size requirements, simply select the cartridge that matches your chosen fragrance.


Seal the deal

Now that you’re satisfied with your choices, it's time to sign the contract. With the paperwork done, your scenting solution is set to go, enhancing your space's atmosphere.


Extend your brand

Take it a step further by extending your brand with the same delightful fragrance. Transform it into candles, reed diffusers, or room sprays to offer your customers a piece of your unique ambiance.

Not sure which fragrance is right for you?

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