Guest Experience in Shopping Centres and Malls

Customer experience and satisfaction in shopping centres begin the moment consumers enter the mall. From the moment shoppers walk through the automatic double doors of retail outlets like Chadstone shopping centre, Northland shopping centre and Mildura shopping centre, shoppers have the pleasure of being welcomed by a delightful and energising scent curated by Scent Australia. 

The outcome? Frustrations, impatience and annoyances are often immediately dispelled by the aromatic fragrances that work their magic to put shoppers at ease. 

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction in Shopping Centres

To improve customer satisfaction in shopping outlets and malls, a business must start by building its brand strategy. A strong focus on their brand strategy might include the direction of the marketing strategy and brand development. 

Businesses can incorporate design, brand image, brand awareness, customer service, Fengshui and more – but the overarching brand development strategy to establish brand positioning with positive guest experiences can be as simple as an aromatic scent. 

Improving guest experiences throughout shopping centres can directly impact and enhance customer satisfaction as well as brand loyalty. People go where they are comfortable and where they have had positive and memorable experiences. 

Designing a signature scent that integrates smells closely linked and associated with energy, rejuvenation, calm, peace of mind and revitalisation (to name a few characteristics needed for a good day of shopping) can change the way people look at and feel about your shopping centre. 

It’s called scent marketing and it's about more than just encouraging a profit. 

Scent Marketing in Shopping Centres

Scent marketing can increase profits but more so than that, scent marketing is about implementing a scent that improves a brand's whole identity. 

Building a brand identity that tells guests what your values are, what kind of products are sold in your shopping centre and how you want consumers to feel about your shopping mall, stems from a strong brand image that encourages improved brand loyalty and superior brand recall. This is important because if people need to go shopping for something, they are more likely to return to a shopping centre they have had positive experiences with – even if it means travelling further. 

Using strategies such as scent marketing within a busy and sometimes uncompromising environment, you can help to put shoppers at ease. 

Scents are subtly diffused through a commercial scent diffuser throughout larger areas of the centre. Retail stores and smaller areas of a shopping centre may also have their own scents wafting through the store but typically use smaller diffusers such reeds, aromatic room sprays and scented candles

Scents for Shopping Centres and Malls

In a space that can often be unforgiving and tumultuous, especially around Easter, Christmas and other special calendar events, the team at Scent Australia recommend using calming and cooling scents that remind guests of relaxation and tranquillity. 

Scents with jasmine, vanilla, lemongrass, rosemary and ylang-ylang are often popular choices for soothing the mind, body and spirit. These scents are not only relaxing but encompass rest and rejuvenation. Offering shoppers enough energy to get their shopping done and to get it done calmly. 

Contact our dedicated scent specialist team to learn more about signature scents, commercial scent diffusers and scents that would smell great throughout your shopping mall.