Perception of Quality in Shopping Centres and Malls

The perception of quality in a shopping centre can often be associated with the physical aspects of its layout. Such as the variety of tenant stores, the design layout and the overall physical appeal. But the quality of a shopping centre is more about its “invisible” appeal such as brand awareness and brand recall, how it establishes its brand positioning amongst competitors and how it creates its brand identity. 

A shopping centre that hasn’t built credible brand awareness is a shopping centre that consumers overlook or simply don’t know enough about to consider shopping there. A shopping centre that doesn’t promote good brand management and doesn’t create a brand identity that appeals to its target market needs to reaffirm its brand development and marketing strategies. 

One strategy that could be implemented for building brand recognition and increasing brand awareness, is scent marketing

What Can Scent Marketing Do to Enhance the Perception of Quality?

More often than not, the perception of quality is closely linked to our sense of smell. 

Out of our five senses, smell is one of the stronger sensations for various reasons. One very important aspect of our sense of smell is its ability to determine or differentiate, between what is good and what is not. Of course, it’s not as simple as that when you take into account that green foods are typically better for us but they don’t usually smell anywhere near as good as chocolate. 

But when thinking of scents more simply, they can lead us away from unappealing places, and lure us to more pleasing places. Your nostrils, after all, are not fond of bad smells. 

Just as scents can be simplified, so too can the meaning of scent marketing. Take a messy house for example and release an invigorating scent into the room and suddenly the house doesn’t feel so hard to clean. The hues of lavender, a warm amber scent and smooth vanilla aromas are enough to put one's mind at ease and make you feel relaxed even amid the chaos. Scents can even give you the energy needed to clean the house! 

Now take a clean house but give it an awful smell – the smell of week-old garbage or mould. The house doesn’t feel so clean anymore and you’d be more tempted to leave this house to go and clean the one that has a pleasant smell. 

This is what scents can do to a shopping centre, a retail store, a grocery chain etc. This is why Scent Australia works with shopping centres such as Northland, Mildura and Chadstone shopping centres. To create memorable experiences, to be attractive not just in show but in the way a shopper feels when they walk around the shopping centre.  

Scent Marketing Can Improve the Perception of Quality in Shopping Centres

Now that you know how to increase brand awareness with the strength of beautiful scents, you should also know that scents have the power to improve customer experience and satisfaction. This is another great way to attract people to your shopping centre. 

Better yet, you can create a signature scent infused with your favourite scents or scents that have beneficial effects based on your target audience or consumer trends. 

Using a commercial scent diffuser that covers areas up to 900m3 and has time and intensity controls, you will have full control over how your shopping centre is scented. 

Contact the team at Scent Australia today to talk about how scent marketing can improve the perception of quality in your shopping mall.