Perception of Quality in the Clubs & RSLs Industry

Would you like to sit in a place that’s decorated like a castle but smells like sweat and feet? Certainly not. 

But you’d be comfortable in a roadside café that’s not luxurious but smells amazing. It just feels right, no?

The point here - smells can play an important role in how someone perceives a place. This information is vital for businesses in the clubs and the RSLs industry

If your guests and visitors don’t perceive your business space as high value, they’ll not be interested in staying at your place.

Ignoring this information can cost you thousands of dollars. And can you afford to lose that in such competitive times?

Let’s see how ambient scenting can improve your business’s perception in the minds of your guests. Remember, at the end of it, you’ll get better business and loyal visitors. Let’s see how.

Ambient Scenting and the Perception of Your Business

Almost all businesses in the clubs and the RSLs industry offer top-notch services.

So much so that it’s now a standard. 

To up your service game, you’ll need to differentiate your business’s perception. If your guests perceive you as top-quality, they’ll become loyal and keep coming back to you.

And returning customers are the best for the clubs and RSLs industry because the acquisition cost for them is close to zero. 

Installing the ambient scenting mechanism can help you differentiate your business and turn it into a brand. It’s a subtle tool. Your guests may never tell you they keep returning to your space because it smells nice.

But because of ambient scenting, their brain registers your business as a positive space. And who doesn’t want positive experiences in their life?

So, ambient scenting helps elevate the quality of your club in the minds of your visitors. Big names in the clubs and RSLs industry are already using ambient scenting to grow their business. Some of the names on the list include Yarraville Club, Davistown RSL, and Opium Nightclub.

And they source their scenting solutions from Scent Australia. If giants in your industry are using ambient scenting to differentiate their brands, why are you missing out on this?

Implementing Scenting Solutions for Your Business

Want to develop an emotional connection of your business with the guests? You can contact us for customized scent marketing solutions

We understand that each business is different. With our scent consultation, you can get the best scenting solutions that are specifically tailored to your business. As for the diffuser, we offer several options, but the commercial diffuser is the star in the clubs and RSLs industry.

Here are some reasons why:

  • No noise!

It makes no sense to please your guests’ noses while irritating their ears. 

With our diffuser, there’s no noise. Your staff members, guests, and anyone on the premise will only enjoy the scents without any annoying noises.

  • Top-notch technology

This diffuser has advanced submicron scent diffusion technology, which means it leaves no residue and works efficiently.

  • Covers a large space

This diffuser is sufficient for spaces up to 900m3. 

If you have bigger spaces, you can install more than one machine. We also offer deals for that scenario.

  • Available on rent and instalments

Want to try out ambient scenting before investing money in it?

You can get the machine for rental periods as well. Though we’ve hardly ever gotten back the machines because businesses see such great monetary benefits. 

Plus, you can get this diffuser in easy instalments as well.

Make your place high-value with ambient scenting

See this – your growth lies in the way your audiences perceive your business.

If they think of you as just another club, they’ll not be loyal to you. If they feel that your place is high-value, they’ll keep coming back to you.

Think of it this way – there’s a Toyota, and there’s a Mercedes. Technically they’re both mediums for transportation. But you are aware the way people perceive them is completely different. 

You can enhance the quality of your business with ambient scenting. Be it a casino, dance club, RSL, or even a game arcade. It’s time you implement ambient scenting as your branding strategy and make people connect with you on an emotional level.

Want that? Our reps are ready to answer you right now!

Final Words – Improve Your Business’s Quality with Ambient Scenting

Implemented right, ambient scenting is a powerful branding tool. 

Circling back to the original example – a small café that smells great will be perceived as high value compared to a luxury setup that smells ugly.

But ultimately, it’s your decision what perception you want people to have about your business. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of ambient scenting, contact us right away!