Dwell Time in the Clubs & RSLs Industry

Secret to succeeding in the clubs and RSLs industry? Increase the dwell time of your visitors.

It’s no secret that the more time your visitors spend with you, the healthier your business will get. Because obviously, they’ll spend more money!

To achieve the maximum dwell time, businesses take several measures. 

Sadly, the competition these days is getting sky-high. 

What one place offers isn’t much different than what the other offers. In such times, it’s best that you establish a brand value in the minds of your guests.

That way, they’ll keep visiting you and will spend more time with you. Let’s see how to do that with the magic of Ambient Scenting.

Ambient Scenting to Increase Dwell Time

Businesses in the clubs and RSLs industry spend thousands to keep their places tip-top. 

Sometimes even millions. All these efforts are directed toward two things:

  • To create a point of differentiation from the competitors 
  • To get people to have a great time

While all that may be necessary, there’s a way to please people without spending a fortune.

Most business owners often neglect the power of smells and the good graces it can bring to businesses. 

Introducing ambient scenting into your marketing and business development strategy can be a game changer for you. Why? Because the sense of smell is directly connected to the emotions and memory centres of the brain. 

Which means that by using scents to build a brand, you can imprint positive experiences in the minds of your guests. 

The well-known names in the clubs and RSLs industry – Yarraville Club, Davistown RSL, and Opium Nightclub, are already using Ambient Scenting to grow their businesses. 

And they use top-notch products from Scent Australia. You can use them as well to increase the dwell times for your business. 


Let’s look at that down below.

Top-quality Scenting Solutions for Better Dwell Time

As mentioned, club owners spend graciously on decorating the places.

Unfortunately, many of them often go for the cheapest scenting solutions as they think all scents are the same. 

The result? 

  • Guests think the place is sub-standard
  • The scent disappears after some time letting ugly smells take over the place
  • The diffuser machines are inefficient and use so much oil
  • No branding strategy 

In fact, cheap scents that don’t comply with the policies of the scenting authorities, such as IFRA, can cause health problems. This means your guests and your staff members can be at health risk. You’d not want that, right?

That’s why you choose top-quality scenting solutions providers such as ourselves. 

We are proud to be scenting partners and consultants of several businesses in the clubs and RSLs industry across Australia. 

We can offer the same for you as well. With our diffusers and top-tiered scenting oils, you can turn your business into a brand. That people love. That people associate with positivity. And that people want to give their time to.

The Right Scenting Options for Your Business

Scent Australia understands that the scenting needs of businesses vary. 

That’s the reason we have a broad range of scenting solutions to cater to different businesses. However, the commercial diffuser is our hottest-selling solution. 

And there are good reasons for that. Here are a few:

  • It’s super-efficient

The commercial diffuser leaves no residue and works with the lowest possible quantity of scent oils.

  • It’s silent

You’d not want to disturb your guests in any way, right? The commercial diffuser works silently. 

So that your guests enjoy the smells without a buzz falling into their ears.

  • It’s powerful

This diffuser can easily scent spaces of up to 900m3.

  • It’s easily available

Scent Australia makes it so easy for you to get the best scenting solutions. You can pay for the diffuser in instalments. Or even get it for rental periods of 1 to 3 years. 

And that’s not all. 

We also create signature scent extensions such as room sprays and candles. You can use them for closed spaces such as exclusive guest rooms, lounges, etc.

With us, you can truly utilize the power of scents and grow the business. 

Your guests will love you. And you’ll love the profit numbers!

Again, what harm can it bring to follow the trail of successful businesses like Yarraville Club, Davistown RSL, and Opium Nightclub? 

Contact us and get the right scenting fix for your business right now!

Final Words – Increase the Dwell Time Without Spending Much!

Businesses in the clubs and RSLs industry spend so much to have better guest dwell times.

Let’s give ambient scenting a chance. Introduce this powerful tool in your branding strategy and reap better profits.

If you are unsure what scents will give the maximum utility, please contact us. 

We also offer consultation services so that you can work on your scent branding without confusion. 

Call our experts and get your premise scented with the best scent solutions from Scent Australia.