Tenant Loyalty in Shopping Centres and Malls

While it’s true that customer experience and satisfaction are one of the most important aspects of maintaining a profitable shopping centre, tenant loyalty is as equally as important. By maintaining tenant loyalty, you can save money on marketing strategies and advertising, build a strong brand image, create better brand awareness and establish your brand positioning positively. 

When consumers are able to come back to their favourite retail stores and food outlets at your shopping centre, they are more likely to come back to your mall. Maintaining tenant loyalty also develops brand loyalty and brand positioning. Both of these are essential for a thriving business – or shopping centre

Where Does Scent Marketing Fit into Tenant Loyalty?

Scent marketing can be used as a business development strategy to entice consumers to linger longer and spend more, but also to improve the ambience of a room and rejuvenate shoppers as well as employees. 

When consumers are happy then employees are happy and when employees are happy then managers are happy. This circle of happiness creates an all-around better and positive atmosphere that makes it hard for tenants to feel disgruntled. Their store is part of a brand that has positioned itself well, making their store a part of a great shopping centre whose brand recall and awareness have consumers flooding through the doors every weekend. Something that benefits both the shopping centre and the tenants. 

Scent marketing has been linked to brand recognition through emotional branding techniques. Building brand recognition can be done with something as simple as a fragrance that is released through the air. Creating a brand with supportive brand recognition enhances loyalty from both tenants and consumers alike. 

Keep Your Tenants for Longer

Having quality tenants for longer can be what makes or breaks a shopping centre. Tenant turn-around doesn’t just look bad, it sends a negative message to other potential tenants and shoppers. Whereas if there’s a great tenant line-up with a waiting list of tenants just waiting for the opportunity to have their store in your shopping mall – consumers can keep coming back to their favourite stores without worrying they won’t be there next week. 

This keeps profit, recall, customer experience and customer satisfaction in check and it means tenants have the opportunity to work on their own brand identity. 

Keeping your tenants for longer creates a great brand image for competitors to strive to achieve. 

Shopping Centres We Work With

Scent Australia has worked closely with Northland shopping centre, Mildura shopping centre and the fashion capital – Chadstone shopping centre. Using a commercial scent diffuser and invigorating scents to rejuvenate tired shoppers and revitalise tired employees to maintain exceptional customer service is something we do best. 

Scent marketing is a marketing technique that goes beyond what is seen and delves deeper into how people feel when surrounded by different scents. Filling the shopping centre with a scent that nourishes and promotes healthiness, happiness and positivity can directly impact how tenants appreciate a shopping centre. 

Contact the team at Scent Australia today to learn about our scenting methods, signature scent creations and brand development through scent marketing. Enhance tenant loyalty in your shopping mall by allowing scents to work their magic.