Increased Sales in the Clubs & RSL's Industry

The clubs and RSLs industry is huge in Australia. And they bring life to the country. These are places where people go to socialize, unwind and basically give their brains some awesome experience.

However, not all clubs are the same. Be it nightclubs, RSL clubs, casinos, or even book clubs, for that matter; the ambiance matters a lot. 

These places usually receive customers who demand sophisticated ambiance. 

If you are in any services business, especially in the clubbing and the RSLs industry, you know how important top-quality ambiance is for people. And many business owners spend thousands of dollars to furnish their business spaces every year. 

But there’s a way to grow your business and offer a top-notch atmosphere to your visitors for a very reasonable cost – Ambient Scenting for clubs and the RSLs industry

How Can Ambient Scenting Bring More Sales For Clubs And RSLs Industry?

Ambient scenting is a really powerful branding and marketing tool. 

Most businesses sleep on this amazing tool that can print them money. 

Scents and smells directly hit the emotion and memory centres of the brain. This means that your scented business space will create a memory in the minds of your customers and visitors.

And with the right scent, you can create a memorable bond with your customers. They’ll associate your place with a positive experience, and they’ll keep coming back to you.

Truth be told, that is the beauty of Ambient Scenting. It works so subtly that people don’t even know what’s attracting them to your business. But their subconscious will make them your loyal customers. 

If you still have a doubt, imagine this – ever happened that you weren’t hungry but you passed a bakery, a KFC, or any other restaurant? And you instantly felt hungry? That’s most likely because of the smells coming out of these places. Using Ambient Scenting to grow the business is called scent marketing.

Businesses use scent marketing to get more sales. Even in the clubs and RSLs industry. 

In fact, the big names in the industry, like Yarraville Club, Davistown RSL, and Opium Nightclub, are using premium scenting solutions from Scent Australia to grow their brand. 

You can follow in their footsteps and grow your brand as well. Interested in that? Contact us for a consultation right away

How to Get Ambient Scenting For Your Business in the Clubbing and RSLs Industry?

Scent Australia is helping businesses grow across the country. We can surely offer the right scenting solutions for your businesses as well.

Our most popular option is the commercial diffuser. It’s such an efficient device, and business owners just love it. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • It’s a powerful device that can adequately scent areas of up to 900m3.
  • It works so silently, neither your clients nor your staff members will notice that it’s there.
  • It works with advanced submicron scent diffusion technology. This means it uses the least possible oil amount to deliver the best possible outcomes. Also, it leaves no residue. 

Plus, with the offers we’ve got for you, our commercial diffuser is literally a steal. You can get it for 1 to 3 rental periods. And if you want to purchase it, you can get it in easy instalments. 

Using our diffuser with the right scents, you can make good sales. 

We also create signature scent extensions, such as room sprays and candles, with these clients. These options come in super handy for smaller areas. Or when there are “smell accidents” such as vomits, food spills, etc. 

Again, Ambient Scenting can really up your business game. You should try it too. The results are remarkable. 

Plus, it’s available for rent, so if you don’t like it, you can always return the equipment (we are sure you won’t!)

Final Words – Enjoy More Sales with Ambient Scenting

The clubs and RSLs industry is all about positive experiences. The more people enjoy your place, the more they will keep coming back to spend their money with you. And scenting can help you achieve that. 

By creating brand loyalty in the subconscious of your customers, you’ll ensure growth for sure. 

Scent Australia is helping businesses achieve that growth with the right scent solutions. We can offer you the same.

Want to grow your business? Give Ambient Scenting a chance. You’ll not be disappointed!