Guest Loyalty in the Hotel Industry

If you’re looking to increase customer experience and satisfaction in the hotel industry to improve your guest loyalty, start scenting your hotel today with Scent Australia. Whether you choose to design a signature scent of your own or select a fragrance from Scent Australia’s wide range of scent selections, scenting your hotel can have a direct impact on your continued guest loyalty. 

How We Do It

Using a commercial diffuser, many hotels we work with such as Crystalbrook, Pullman and Intercontinental Hotels, safely diffuse various areas of their hotels. Our commercial scent diffusers are safe, have a minimal liquid consumption rate, leave no residue and are so quiet your guests won’t even know when it’s working its magic. 

Scent levels can be adjusted to meet your needs, too little or too much can have the opposite effect of what you’re aiming for. Where your guests are concerned, hotels want to subtly change the atmosphere to make guests feel light, rejuvenated, and fresh as they walk through the hotel lobby. 

Our medium-sized scent diffuser covers up to 900 cubic metres but can be reduced and extended as needed using our Bluetooth Scent App. So while the commercial diffuser is scenting larger hotel rooms and shared areas, you can purchase our smaller range of scenting options such as scented candles, luxury reed diffusers and aromatic room sprays for smaller areas. 

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

There are numerous ways you can build your loyal customer base. It starts with improving customer satisfaction. 

You can offer discounts, promote a rewards program, encourage referrals and implement a promotional marketing strategy. But to impress your customers and truly satisfy your guests, you need to create an ambience that makes them feel lavish. We call it Scent Marketing and our team of scent marketers are professionals in the scent industry. 

If you’re looking for new and alternative marketing ideas to boost customer retention, scent marketing might be just what you’re looking for. 

Scent marketing is a type of sensory marketing. Sensory marketing targets guests emotionally through positive experiences and memories. The fresh scent of lavender, for example, can emotionally trigger memories of fresh sheets and clean laundry. The scent of citrus oranges can trigger memories of hot summer days by the beach eating citrus fruits. 

Emotional sensory marketing aims to appeal to your guest's senses and when done right, can work in your favour. 

Scents That Appeal To Hotel Guests

Depending on the theme of your hotel there are numerous scents to choose from that will have beneficial effects on your hotel guest satisfaction numbers. 

If you’re a family-friendly hotel you might choose simple scents that appeal to all genders and ages such as ocean-inspired scents. Scents that make customers think of warm days at the seaside. 

Luxurious and up-market hotels may want to consider using a scent that has smooth and elegant vanilla tones with a touch of spice to top it off. 

Hotels promoting tranquility and relaxation would benefit from using earthy scents like sandalwood and cedar to put their guest at ease throughout their stay. 

Contact Scent Australia Today To Enhance Your Hotel Guest Loyalty

The options are limitless, and the Scent Australia team is here to help you enhance your guest experience to take on more loyal guests. 

Contact our team today to discuss how scenting your hotel can enhance your brand image, how to create a brand identity with the right scent and how to make brand awareness your number one customer retention solution through the use of signature scents and scent marketing.