Perception of Brand in the Hotel Industry

Branding in the hospitality industry is more than creating a brand strategy to improve brand awareness or customer satisfaction. It’s about establishing brand positioning as a leader in the industry when compared with competitors. Using a commercial scent diffuser to subtly scent a hotel space can directly improve consumers' perception of a brand in the hotel industry.

What is Brand Image?

Brand image is the perception that people have of your brand based on marketing strategies, interactions and how a business upholds its public values. Building brand image in the hotel industry is crucial if you want to enhance brand loyalty, increase repeat customers and develop a trusting relationship with hotel patrons. 

Negative reviews, either by word of mouth or in the online space, can severely impact a hotel's brand image. Responding to and resolving public reviews is a great way to counteract the adverse impact of unfavourable reviews. But before letting matters get that far, there are multiple ways to avoid having to prove yourself as a trustworthy and reliable hotel. 

Brand Building and Positioning in the Hotel Industry

At Scent Australia, we make it our mission to assist brands with improving their brand positioning by creating a strong brand image. Using emotional marketing examples through the use of invigorating scents, we help to develop a positive and alluring perception of your brand within the hotel industry. 

To create a brand worth coming back to, a hotel whose brand awareness is revered by its competitors, and whose branding identity speaks volumes about its brand management. 

Scent marketing is a subtle yet effective way to improve brand recognition in any industry. The right scent can go a long way in the hotel industry and can really create a meaningful stay for your guests. 

The scents you use can help guests to determine their perception of your hotel based on their experience, emotions, and customer satisfaction. 

For example, a hotel that uses a musky scent with earthy tones may be perceived as environmentally friendly or eco-conscious as well as laid back and relaxed. If this is not the vibe your hotel wants to emit, a different scent needs to be used. 

Your Brief Scenting Guide

Scents can create a whole whirlwind of emotions and perceptions. It’s important to get the right scent for your hotel to align with your values, preferred ambience and desired outcome for your guests. 

Where you want to be perceived and remembered as luxurious you don’t want to overdo your scenting and it’s best to keep it simple with smooth, rich and velvet-like fragrances. 

For hotels that have a more upbeat, family-friendly, outgoing holiday vibe you’ll want scents that give your guests energy throughout their stay. Something lively and fun to remind them of the good times spent in your hotel. 

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We have many great examples of scents that can be used to improve your overall guest experience. Working alongside hotels such as Pullman, Intercontinental Hotels and Crystalbrook, our team of scenting experts has been able to deliver exceptional scent solutions to improve hotel branding on an emotional level. 

Contact Scent Australia today to discuss our signature scents, luxurious diffusers and aromatic scented candles to improve your customer experience. Set your hotel apart and have your brand perceived exactly as you want it to be with scent marketing.