Perception of Quality in The Hotel Industry

When you book a hotel for a weekend or holiday getaway, what is it about the hotel that made you book it? Perhaps it was a great deal on the price? Were the customer experience and satisfaction reviews better than other hotels you looked at? Are they a brand that suits your personal values? Maybe you've been to this hotel before and brand loyalty is important to you. Or simply, your chosen hotel has a high-end luxury brand positioning and that is exactly what you're after for this holiday? 

Whatever the reason, the most important thing now about the hotel that you've booked is that its in-person quality meets the expectations of its perception of quality online. If you are working in the hotel industry and strive to ensure the physical quality of the hotel meets the expectations set online, you might want to consider scent marketing in your brand development strategy. 

Scent marketing Branding Consultants

If there’s one thing Scent Australia knows, it’s that your brand image has a direct impact on how your hotel is perceived by consumers and competitors. As branding consultants in the field of fragrancing and scenting offices, homes, retail stores, hotels and more, we understand the difference an invigorating scent can make to help you build a strong brand image. 

Building a brand image that meets your values, matches physical vs online expectations, strengthens your brand identity and increases brand awareness of your hotel is a huge part of what we do at Scent Australia. All so that the perception of quality within your hotel remains true to your goals and helps you to establish brand positioning within your niche. 

So what is it that makes a quality hotel? Coming up with a scent that defines your brand identity in its entirety. =

Why is Quality Important in The Hospitality Industry?

Quality in the hotel industry is important because it could mean the difference between having loyal hotel guests and having no guests at all. Positive brand awareness is crucial for success in the hotel industry so it’s imperative to get your brand strategy right and to create a brand identity that attracts your targeted consumers. 

Attractive scents that work well in the hotel industry can improve the perception of quality in your hotel immensely. 

Improve the Perception of Quality in the Hotel Industry with These Scents

Using our medium-sized commercial diffusers that scent rooms and hotel lobbies as large as 900m3, we have improved the ambience and perception of quality for hotel brands such as Crystalbrook, Intercontinental Hotels and Pullmans. 

Some of the best scents to utilise in hotel spaces are scents that revitalise and rejuvenate guests. Giving them a pleasant feeling when they walk through the hotel. A scent that makes the air feel light and reminds them they are away from home, whether for work or a holiday, the usual stressors of home have not followed them to your beautiful hotel. 

Scents with citrus undertones, base notes of vanilla, light florals and refreshing teas are the winning scents in the hotel industry. 

Contact the team at Scent Australia today to discuss how we can help to improve the perception of quality in your hotel with a signature scent creation of your own.