Guest Experience in the Hotel Industry

The satisfaction people get when they stay in a hotel comes down to numerous factors in a business’s brand image. Hotels need to consider their corporate branding and how to improve brand recognition through enticing brand development strategies. In the hotel industry, the guest experience is everything. 

Scent Australia has had the pleasure of working alongside superior hotel lines such as Intercontinental, Crystalbrook and Pullman hotels. Building a brand strategy that speaks to their hotel guests, we used the power of scents to invigorate their senses. 

Successful Marketing Strategies for the Hotel Industry 

Scent marketing is on the rise. Whenever guests enter a hotel lobby, a suite or a bathroom and smell something that makes them wonder what that incredible scent is; that’s scent marketing doing its job. 

For a hotel to accomplish great guest impressions to enhance brand image and customer satisfaction, they may need to start thinking outside the box to build their brand awareness. Outside the box is where you will find emotional branding examples like scent marketing and it is where you will find the answer to how to increase brand loyalty. 

Clients we work with in the hotel industry use medium-sized commercial scent diffusers to spread their chosen scent throughout hotel lobbies, foyers, bedrooms, suites, bathrooms and even leisure rooms. It’s also a great idea to use odour-eliminators and odour-eliminating scents in gaming and pool areas. This is a significant way to increase brand recall when people remember your hotel for smelling great in every room and area.  

Impactful Scents in the Hotel Industry

As well as using commercial diffusers for safely diffusing scents in rooms up to 900m3, Scent Australia offers luxury scented candles and scented room sprays for convenience and accessibility. Small spilt-drink accident in the hotel lobby? Simply have it cleaned and spray the area with your chosen scent to eliminate any odours that don’t go with the ambience of the room. 

Here are some of the most effective scents used in the hotel industry to improve customer experience and satisfaction:

Sandalwood Room Fragrance

Relax and calm your guests the moment they walk through your doors. Sandalwood has positive effects in any room and can aid in thinking optimistically, clearing the mind for full concentration and lower stress. This is a very grounding scent and is wonderful when paired with more subtle earthy scents. 

Vanilla Room Scent

Indulge your guests in luxurious vanilla. Great for lowering stress levels, calming the mind, soothing the irritable and promoting happiness. Vanilla is a favourite scent used as a base note in many fragrances but when used as a primary top scent can have many positive advantages. 

Leather Scent

Leather is a rich and sensual scent known for its masculinity. When paired with other woody and natural scents it creates an allure of luxury. This warm scent may have a direct correlation with inducing peace of mind. 

Citrus Fragrance

Citrus scents are fantastic for alleviating emotional stress and negative moods. Closely linked with boosting emotional and physical energy, citrus fragrances can make any room smell like sunshine and summer. 

Lemongrass Scent

Lemongrass as an oil is commonly used to treat digestive problems. As a scent, research shows that lemongrass scents may help with anxiety, stress and depression. This is an uplifting and rejuvenating scent that will lift your hotel guests' spirits all day long. 

Fragrance Marketing and Your Hotel

The team at Scent Australia can help you to improve guest experience and satisfaction at your hotel. With our scent marketing expertise that has been helping numerous hotel chains, retail stores and offices throughout Australia, you can build a brand that is remembered for its hospitality and its captivating ambience. 

Contact the team at Scent Australia to ask about one of our many scented oils or to enquire about a signature scent creation tailored to your hotel.