Employee Satisfaction in the Property Industry

Property industry is all about great sensory experiences. 

But people in the property industry often make the mistake that properties only sell when they appeal to the clients.

That’s only partially true. The other side of the story is that properties must also be pleasant to employees. And that can be a great source of employee satisfaction. 

Truth be told, employees are at the heart of all property businesses. Without loyal and satisfied employees, you’ll have a hard time running the business. 

Want to know one secret to enhanced employee satisfaction for your property business? Ambient Scenting by Scent Australia.

What Role Can Ambient Scenting Play In Employee Satisfaction?

A property may receive dozens of potential clients every day. But your employees are the ones who spend the majority of their day there. In some property businesses, employees may have to spend all their working hours on properties that are for sale or rent.

Even if you operate out of an office, it’s essential that you have an ambient environment that’s welcoming for the employees. 

Ambient scenting can change the game for your property business by enhancing employee satisfaction. Sure there are other factors as well, such as the work environment, pay scales, etc., but all those can fade away quickly if the employee doesn’t like their workspace. 

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Some Benefits Of Ambient Scenting That Employees Can Enjoy 

Our sense of smell is completely different compared to all our other senses. It’s directly connected to the memory and emotion centres of our brains. 

This basically means that smells can greatly impact the way we think and feel. And wouldn’t you want your employees to feel amazing so that they can do amazing work?

Before you think that this isn’t going to work, know that property giants like Dexus and Vicinity are using ambient scenting to grow their businesses. You, too, can use the benefits of ambient scenting to grow the business.

Here are some benefits that ambient scenting can offer for your employees.

  • They’ll Feel Calmer and More Relaxed

Property industry is a cutthroat business industry. There are targets to meet and numbers to achieve. This can make the work environment stressful. Sometimes, a little too stressful. 

If you have ambient scenting at your workspace, you can induce productive modes in your employees. Plus, it’s a known fact that good smells can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. And that’s the mindset you need to produce great results.

  • Your Employees Will Associate Good Thoughts with Your Business 

If employees don’t like where they work, they’ll not be satisfied. And they’d be quick to hunt for new opportunities. 

With the right scents, you can make your employees feel good about coming to work. They’ll have positive associations with the business, which will also motivate them to deliver great results. 

  • They’ll Be Less Effected by Negative Thoughts

Human lives are becoming more and more stressful with each passing day. But negative thoughts from an employee’s personal life can prevent them from being productive.

With the right scents, you can help your employees get in the “work mode” by leaving their negative thoughts out of the office doors (for the most part). 

Can any scent work?

Many businesses want to cut corners when it comes to ambient scenting. They believe that even the cheapest scent can do the magic trick for them. But that’s wrong. 

Firstly, cheap scenting solutions don’t last long. A few whiffs in the beginning, and then the workspace will be bland, as if no one ever sprayed a scent there. 

Secondly, cheap quality scenting solutions are disastrous for health. Remember, your employees will inhale the scents for hours. Low-quality options can cause health problems such as skin irritation, breathing problems, and in severe cases, permanent damage to the lungs and other vital organs. 

So, in a way, you aren’t saving money but rather causing damage. And if you also spend a lot of time at the office, you are harming yourself as well.

That’s why you should only use scents that comply with international scent regulatory bodies such as IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act), like us. 

Choose Scent Australia for Your Property Businesses 

Our scenting solutions are helping businesses across Australia to offer clean and ambient working conditions to their employees.

We offer commercial scenting solutions that offer maximum utility without putting a dent in your pockets. Our most popular is the commercial diffuser which:

  • Works best for spaces of up to 900 m3
  • Offers customization options so that you are in control of the scenting at your place
  • Works so quietly that your employees won’t ever get disturbed by the noises
  • Is highly efficient and needs very less oil to operate. This way, you save so much money on the oils

We also have rental options for 1-3 years. And if you want the product in easy instalments, we offer that as well. 

But that’s not all that we offer. If your business has other scenting needs, such as HVAC diffusers, or room fresheners or scented candles, we can help you with that as well.

Final Words – Ensure Employee Satisfaction with Ambient Scenting

See, satisfied employees are a great thing for any business. They are motivated to deliver their best. And you can get the best from them by making one simple change in the workspace – ambient scenting.

You’ll be amazed that just for a few hundred dollars, your business can grow manyfold. 

Interested in that? Call us up right away for any scent-related assistance. We’d be glad to help you in any way possible!