Five things you must know about ambient scenting

The recent pandemic has greatly impacted the way humans perceive everything. What usually appeared harmless is now treated with extreme caution. This has led people to take health matters very seriously, and they are now concerned about their physical and mental health more than ever.

The recent situation has also taken a toll on the global economy. China is trying to amend the economic damage by using fragrance as a tool to improve people’s moods. Smells do make the ambiance nice and comfortable; however, there’s little knowledge about fragrances in the general public. 

Nowadays, businesses are certainly considering ambient scenting as a marketing strategy. However, before they do so, there are certain questions that need to be addressed. 

For instance, is a home scent and office scent the same? Are there any health issues that may be veiled under a great smell? And other such questions like that. 

If you are planning to implement ambient scenting as a marketing strategy, then here’s what you must know:

Ambient scenting requires higher safety standards

Ambient scenting is different than home scenting. Primarily because the target audience is vast, and you need to ensure that everyone that receives this smell is comfortable with it. 

Ensure that the scents you use comply with the international standards of safety. Substandard scents may be pleasant to the nose, but they can have carcinogens, respiratory allergens, and other harmful toxins that can harm those who consume the fragrance.

If you aren’t cautious in this regard, then you may end up causing damage to people’s skin, respiratory systems, brains, and even fetuses. 

Choose the scent carefully

Scents help people get attached to your brand. While creating a marketing strategy around ambient scenting, choose a fragrance that resonates with your brand. There are three notes for any fragrance. 

First- the highest note. This is the strongest and the one that’s initially perceived. After that comes the heart note, also known as the middle note that stays for a longer time. And then comes the base note that serves as the outro. This one is the longest-lasting and helps people get attached to your brand. 

Keep these elements in mind before choosing the perfect scent for your brand. Focus on the base and the middle notes when you are trying to build a connection with your customers.

Perhaps the greatest growth in scent marketing in recent years has taken place with regard to the use of ambient scent, that is, emitting scent into the atmosphere of hotels, retail stores, casinos, or restaurants as an element of an environment's atmospherics (Kotler, 1973)

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Home fragrances are a menace for ambient scenting machines

Cost-saving by using home fragrances with ambient scenting machines may seem appealing initially. However, before you implement that, here’s something that you should know. Most home fragrances aren’t compatible with commercial scenting machines. 

This means that the perfume oils won’t diffuse properly and can damage the machine. Moreover, if the scenting system is connected to the HVAC system, then you should avoid home fragrances at all costs. Improperly diffused oil droplets will accumulate in the pipes over time and either causes a blockage or a leak. 

This means that the HVAC system could go bad as well as the atomizer. Plus, when the HVAC and ambient scenting machines aren’t operational, your business operations will suffer. So overall, it’s a bad strategy to try and save a few bucks by using substandard home scents. 

Make sure that you only select the finest quality diffuser oils and machines so that you don’t incur losses for the business. Visit Scent Australia to know more about top quality ambient scenting products. 

Ambient Scenting is priced higher for a reason

Ambient scents are priced higher than normal home scents because they are crafted for a different purpose. They are built for a general audience, and that comes with a cost. Firstly, commercial scents have to acquire international safety standard certification, which pushes the cost up.

Second, the ingredient and the raw materials have to be top quality so that they help businesses build a marketing strategy around ambient scenting. Other than that, there’s a lot of research and development costs dedicated to making the product safe for consumption. 

Only good quality scents function well with commercial scenting machines, and that can only happen when the manufacturer uses the best materials to make the scents. 

Olfactory Fatigue plays a significant role

Olfactory fatigue refers to people becoming desensitized to smells after some time. 

This is a common occurrence that happens when the nervous system gets pumped with a monotonous stimulus. The system blocks the continuous stimuli to make room for new stimuli. That’s why you choose scents with great middle and base notes so that you can prolong the impact before the Olfactory fatigue kicks in.

What’s next? 

Ambient scenting is a great marketing strategy if leveraged properly. Many businesses try their hand at ambient scenting with home fragrances but fail miserably. Simply because to save a few bucks, they end up damaging their atomizers, HVAC systems and eventually hurting the customers and staff members as well.

To ensure that your customers’ health is safe and they are always happy with your business, only choose high-quality ambient scents. Always source your fragrances from the suppliers that comply with the international safety standards for fragrances. 

You may find the best smelling home scent, but that can put your employees and customers at some serious health risk. Before you take that step, reassess once. Are a few bucks really worth it?

Final Words

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