The Best Diffusers for Scenting your Home

When you walk through your front door at the end of a long day, it’s nice to come home to a house that has a warm, inviting, and welcoming ambiance to lift your spirits. The best way to do that is to scent your home with a fragrance diffuser. 

Having a good fragrance in your home that you associate with positive sensations can be enough to lift your mood in encouraging and aspiring ways. Did you know that smells have a powerful effect on triggering our memories and emotions?  

While arriving home to a scent that you genuinely enjoy can brighten your day, there are numerous other reasons to consider adding a special aroma to your home and there are some diffusers that can get the job done better than others. 

How to Scent Your Home and Why it’s Important

Scenting your home has a variety of benefits.

  • Increasing your productivity levels
  • Amplifying your constructive energy
  • Creating a peaceful ambiance
  • Providing clarity for therapeutic and healing advantages
  • For guests to feel welcome and at ease in your home

If this is how you want the atmosphere of your home to feel, you’ll want a good diffuser to make it happen. 

Scent Australia has various diffusers to help you create the perfect aroma for your home and to fill the air with the benefits of aromatic essential oils. We can help you to choose which one from our selection is the right diffuser for you. 

The Best Home Diffusers 

With so many different types of diffusers, it can feel difficult to decide which one is right for you. The best home diffuser will depend on multiple factors including;

  • How often do you intend to use your diffuser?
  • The reason for using essential oils
  • Your home décor
  • How subtle or strong you want the scent
  • If you intend to have a different scent in each room

With each of the Scent Australia diffusers on offer, we have what you need no matter the reasons for scenting your home. 

Scent Australia Smart Diffuser

Keeping you connected to your home through smartphone apps is easier than ever in the 21st century and Scent Australia has the latest technology to help you keep the aura of your home just right.  

Now you can adjust and control your scent diffuser with the touch of your fingertips through our Scent app! You can use Bluetooth to connect to your smart diffuser to choose your scent intervals, schedule times for diffusion, and even control the strength of the diffusion. 

If you have unexpected guests coming over and you’re running late, you can simply open the app, allow for your fragrance diffusion, and have the peace of mind that your guests will enter your home to a pleasing and welcoming smell. 

Scent Australia Powered Diffusers

Choose from scent diffusers you can plug into a power outlet, battery-operated diffusers, or USB power options. 

With powered diffusers, you can be sure your home and every room with a powered diffuser will have a lasting and rewarding scent when you walk in. 

With these portable powered diffusers, you can move them from room to room to ensure every room has the benefits offered by essential oils. They’re also small enough to be conspicuous and not be an eyesore against any interior décor.  

Scent Australia Wood Diffusers

The environment and its natural resources are precious for our present and our future. If sustainability and eco-friendly practices are important to you, consider our environmentally friendly wood diffuser. 

The simple design is appealing to most and can go with almost anything in your feng shui home. 

There is no need for a power source, meaning they’re also energy-efficient, and no maintenance is needed. 

Simply add a few drops of your essential oil into the top of this eco-friendly diffuser and watch as the wood soaks up the aroma oil slowly to release the scent into the air for your aromatic benefits. 

Scent Australia Reed Diffusers

The cheaper options in scent diffusers are by no means cheaper in quality at Scent Australia

Our reed diffusers have a small, simplistic, yet elegant design to add a touch of aromatic luxury to your home. Reed diffusers can be placed in any room of your choice and while the reeds gradually absorb the essential oils, they release the aroma scent into the air through the top of the reed. 

They’re simple, they look nice, and they supply a long-lasting fragrance to the room of your choice. 

There is no nonscents about these quality diffusers.  

The Secret to Making Your House Smell Amazing

You can research the best ways to make your home smell good, but the same results page after page will lead you back here, to essential oils and odour neutralizing tactics

Express your individuality and enhance your clear energy with the right aromatic scents that suits your desires and a good quality scent diffuser that suits you and your home by discussing your options with the team at Scent Australia.

You can also find further information about our diffusers at Scent Australia through the website where we have also provided a beneficial ‘How To’ guide for each of our diffuser options.