2021 Has Set Up Demand for a Clean Business Environment

The world surely saw some major upset because of the covid era. However, it’s unsurprising that the best prevention against the virus was absolute cleanliness. 

People are now wary of the hygiene situations of the indoors and outdoors, and businesses that wish to grow should take this matter seriously. According to Yelp, the chances of success for businesses significantly improve if they announce their safety measures for the health of the customers.

In fact, Yelp shows that consumer interest rises to 41% for the businesses that accentuate their health and safety practices. That’s something smart business owners won’t neglect. 

Why must businesses focus on clean and hygienic indoors?

According to the EY future consumer index, 62% of people have become more concerned about their health and take it more seriously. The study also indicates that more than a quarter of customers are now interested in shopping from businesses that have great health safety protocols in place.

As a business owner, you just need to implement and accentuate your safety protocols to the customers, and you’ll definitely get more business than before.

What are the safety protocols that businesses must implement?

Covid-19 has made the majority of businesses believe that cleanliness equates to frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the place. While that’s a necessity, that’s not the only safety measure that shall seal the deal. At least not in the post covid era.

Health and cleanliness experts conclude that the real secret to hygiene lies in the clean environment indoors. While one suggested answer to absolute safety can be virtual interaction, that’s not something widely accepted in reality. 

In fact, Deloitte recently conducted research with over 16,000 participants and came up with the findings that “virtual interactions offer marginal returns since technology cannot fully substitute the need for in-person interactions”.

Gartner Consumer Behaviors and Attitudes Survey of 2021 shows that consumers are still uncomfortable with the public spaces. This means that if you want a prosperous business, you’ll have to communicate to them that you care about their health.

What’s the solution?

Well, the real secret to customer safety and their health lies in a clean atmosphere. This means that you need to treat the air at your business venue and ensure that the place is safe for people to breathe. 

The natural load of disease transmission from one individual to another through the air could serve as a mechanism of self re-infection, expanding the infection across multiple regions of lung tissue. (Blake Elias and Yaneer, 2020)

Experts and virologists believe that a significant way to stop the transfer of SARS-COV-2 is to make the air clean and disinfected. As a business owner, you must now invest in this precious information. By having the indoor air clean, you shall attract more customers to your business.

Ensure that the air is treated. The simple way to do this is to install air purifiers at your venue and make the indoors scented with top quality scents. 

Meeting the safety demands of your customers is a must if you wish to flourish. You can easily generate better revenues by making the air clean and fresh. 

What’s next?

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