Odour Control in the Clubs & RSLs Industry

Clubs, RSLs, Casinos, and other businesses in the league all have one thing in common – people flock to these places to have an amazing experience.

But with lots of guests come lots of smells. And without preventative measures, these ugly smells can dent your business. How? Let’s see.

Odours and Revenues in the Clubs and RSLs Industry

People visit places like clubs, casinos, and RSLs to have lovely experiences and get away from their stressful lives. 

That’s the reason why business owners in this industry spend thousands and millions each year to make their premises aesthetically pleasing. But they often forget that it’s not just the eyes they should please. 

If your place smells bad, people will think of it as low-quality. As a result:

  • People won’t love your place
  • You’ll lose returning customers
  • You’ll give the business away to competitors
  • Your money spent on decorating the place will not reap utility
  • Your staff will not be pleased to work with you

Think of it this way – would you prefer to be in a place that smells nice or a place that smells bad?

Evidence shows that smells trigger human brain areas that control emotions and memories. This means ugly smells can induce feelings of agitation, irritation, and even anxiety. 

On the other hand, pleasant smells make the mind calmer, more relaxed and happier.

Don’t you notice when you visit a shop that smells nice? You immediately want to stay there longer. Even if that’s just for testing and trying out stuff.

Similarly, when people visit your clubs, casinos and RSLs, they’ll stay longer if it smells nice. And longer dwell time means more profits; you already know that, right?

And remember, it’s not just the main spaces, rooms and lounges that need to smell great. Even if your washrooms smell bad, you’ll lose business.

The Odour Control Solution – Ambient Scenting

If you own a beautiful business, you’d naturally not want to lose it to foul smells. 

In fact, do you know that US studies showed that casinos saw a 45% hike in gambling revenues just by introducing the right ambient scents on the venue.

That’s why you implement ambient scenting at your business premises and say bye-bye to ugly smells. With the right brand, you can develop an emotional connection with your guests and visitors. 

Successfully doing that will earn you:

  • Loyal visitors
  • Memorable guest experience
  • Top-notch perception of quality by guests
  • More dollars in the bank
  • Happy workforce
  • A pleasant vibe of your business
  • A brand that people love
  • Better dwell time

See, most businesses in the clubs and RSLs industry are top-notch with their arrangements and services. But the point of differentiation can be the vibe that your business exudes. 

If your place smells ugly or has the generic scent that’s available at any local supermart, then that’s a recipe to lose business.

But, with the right approach to ambient scenting, you can grow your business and earn loyal guests. And even increase their dwell time. Big businesses in the clubs and RSLs industry are already enjoying the benefits of ambient scenting.

Some of those businesses include Yarraville Club, Davistown RSL and Opium Nightclub.

And they’ve got scenting solutions from Scent Australia installed. 

Ambient Scenting Solutions for Your Business

You can grow your business with ambient scenting as well. Another way to put it – you can put more money in your pockets with scent marketing.

With our help, you can get the best scent solutions that fit your brand voice. That way, you can turn your business into a brand. 

And it’ll no more be “Just Another Club” in the minds of your audience. When that happens, you’ll get returning customers and see a happy business. 

To get there, you’ll need the right scenting solutions. If you don’t know where to start, you can get benefitted from our scent consultancy services

But we do have a star product that most businesses in your industry use – the commercial diffuser

Here are some reasons why you must get it: 

  • It’s cost-effective

The commercial diffuser works with the least possible oil quantities to scent the place.

  • It’s efficient 

One single diffuser can easily handle spaces of up to 900m3

  • It’s technologically advanced 

The commercial diffuser has advanced submicron scent diffusion technology, which means it works without noise, leaves no residue and is the best available in the market.

You can also get the commercial diffuser on rental periods and easy instalments! 

That’s not all. We also create signature scent extensions such as room sprays and candles. 

You can use these for exclusive spaces such as rooms for VIPs, exclusive lounges, etc. You can even use the sprays for washrooms so that they never smell bad.

Wrapping up – Ambient Scenting for Odour Control

Make sure that your clubs, casinos and RSLs are always welcoming to your guests. And ensure that not the slightest bit of foul smells enter their noses.

With the right smells, you can build a deeper connection with your guests. 

Something that’s emotional, meaningful and profitable for your brand. 

Using our scenting solutions, you can utilize the power of scent marketing to differentiate your brand from the customers and take your business to new heights. 

Want that? Contact us right away!