Perception of Product Quality in the Fashion Industry

Consumer perception of product quality in the fashion industry stems from several factors. Factors include brand identity and brand image, customer satisfaction, brand recognition, competition, design, and sensory assessment. A brand's marketing strategy will only ever be as good as the quality of its product. But a consumer's sensory assessment plays a huge and direct role in whether the product is deemed good quality or not-so-great quality.

Smells can have a direct impact on how we make our purchases. Smells change our moods, perception, and memories. That’s why we encourage brands to incorporate scent marketing into their marketing strategy for building brand recognition positively.

What is Sensory Assessment?

Sensory assessment is when consumers use their senses to determine whether they like a product. Word-of-mouth marketing and brand development are one thing, but our senses come from our experiences and so not everyone will view the product the same way.

For example, if one friend walks into a store and the smell of the store reminds her of a time she felt unwell, she might view the items in that store as bad quality. Unlike her friend shopping beside her who walks into the store and is reminded of the time she went to yoga class and felt fit and healthy. This friend might view the products as great quality items.  

Our senses help us to make everyday decisions and sometimes even bigger decisions. An alleyway that smells of garbage will not entice us to enter. An alleyway that smells of citrus-scented candles and lavender incense might lure us into the alley to find out which shop front it’s coming from.

Likewise, our eyesight is deeply connected with our sense of smell. If it smells good but doesn’t look appealing, we’ll be weary. If it looks great but doesn’t smell very nice, again, we might be weary. It’s all in the sensory assessment and that’s why making good quality products in the fashion industry is essential for success.

Help Your Success with Scent Marketing

Scents can create the appeal of a brand worth visiting. This is a great start for your fashion label!

If your shop smells good, people will enter. If your shop sells good products, you will create brand loyalty. It’s a wonderful circle of building brand awareness, enhancing brand image, and creating a brand identity that brings customers back to you and encourages new customers to shop with you.

Build a strong brand image and people will perceive your brand with good quality fashion. The right scent can help you on this journey!

Scent marketing is a sensory style of using marketing techniques to appeal to customers through emotional experiences. Retail stores that Scent Australia work with, including Country Road, Nude Lucy and Glue Store, have created appealing scents to be spread throughout their store using a commercial diffuser to strategically attract customers to their store.

Their invigorating scents don’t just attract new and loyal customers, but they entice them into lingering in the store longer because of the pleasant experience the scent gives them.

Scents boost moods, enhance confidence, improve concentration and even reduce stress and anxiety. Where consumers were feeling anxious and stressed before they walked into the sweet vanilla-scented store, they are now at ease. And much more likely to spend more in your store and come back again.

Provide your customers with confidence in your products and contact Scent Australia today. Let’s talk about fragrance marketing with a signature scent designed to suit your taste and how we can help you improve brand recall and brand positioning through the perception of product quality.