Perception of Brand in the Fashion Industry

Did you know that the right scent can help to positively build your brand image? Take it from us, we’ve been working alongside numerous fashion brands on their scent marketing to improve their brand identity with a signature scent, and it’s working. 

When you walk into a store, one of the first things to happen is a change of smell in the air. Most labels, designer or not, control their store aromatics and air with fresh invigorating scents that more often than not come from a commercial diffuser. The effect? Fragrances in the fashion industry play a huge role in how consumers perceive that brand. 

Something as simple as a scent can turn a brand from luxury and designer to poor quality and not worth your time in just seconds. To our mind and the messages our olfactory senses send to our brain, if it smells like garbage, it probably is garbage. 

First Impressions

First impressions leave long-lasting results. Like the store you walked into that one time that had dying flowers in water that hadn’t been changed for two weeks? The scent of that store will have you remembering that store for the wrong reasons for a very long time. Long enough to probably make you never return to that store. Your perception of this brand might be that it’s unclean, unkempt, and uncared for. So why should you buy from them?

However, a brand that smells like springtime flowers, freshly squeezed orange juice, uplifting citrus scents and the best rose room spray you’ve ever smelled, is a worthy brand you can get on board with. 

The way our mind reads the situation is “if it smells good, it probably is good”. 

Improving the Perception of Your Brand with Scent Marketing

If you haven’t heard of scent marketing yet, Scent Australia is here to tell you that fragrance scents are something your brand, business, company, store and yourself, can greatly improve by having. 

Assisting stores like Country Road, Glue Store and Nude Lucy with their automatic scent diffusers, scent essentials in room sprays, scented oils and luxurious candles for their brand development has been extremely rewarding. 

These are just some of the brands we have worked with to create an in-store ambience that customers want to linger in. Lingering means consumers have more time to peruse clothing items and accessories, speak with staff, and purchase more items. A relaxing yet luxurious ambience can also directly improve customer satisfaction which has a huge impact on return customer loyalty in the fashion industry. 

Smells That Make Us Spend More

There has been some research conducted into finding the smells that make people spend more. So if increased revenue is what you’re looking for these are the scents to go for:

  • Pine
  • Citrus
  • Subtle florals

These subtle scents that aren’t too overpowering might do wonders for getting your shoppers to spend more in your store. 

But if building a strong brand image is more important to you and you want to be remembered as that luxury label, why not create a signature scent for your brand alone? 

With the team at Scent Australia, we can design an appealing scent that adds to the nature of your brand. If you want consumers to “smell” your quality, find excellence in your brand, and generate a designer appeal with your name, we can create brand awareness with the perfect scented brand strategy tailored to you. 

Contact us today to speak with a Scent Australia team member about scent marketing for your fashion brand.