Odour Contol

Air is the vital essence that enables us to exist. Life depends on that invisible gas that spreads across every space. Our bodies are organic machines that assimilate every element from the environment. This is why it is important to expect good quality from the things we consume. And that certainly includes the air we breathe.

Professor Lidia Morawska, World Health Organisation adviser, spoke to The Age about a 'sanitary awakening' in the 1800s. Cholera and other epidemics led people to question the quality of the water systems. Only then did governments take responsibility for the terrible condition of water supplies. Two centuries later, a global pandemic pointed our attention towards air. During the COVID-19 outbreak it was found that the most consumed substance was not good enough.

Commercial stores, restaurants, apartments, offices, cafes and other businesses were discovered to have air quality far below the recommended standards. This inspired a new focus towards improving airflow in public spaces. Not only it prevents the transmission of diseases but is also necessary for general well-being. But the change in ventilation measures will surely take time. Scent Australia is here to support this process. We have carefully curated advanced deodorising systems to eliminate and neutralize bad odours in properties and businesses.

To determine the quality of air, you need a monitor to measure its chemical composition. And the regular person does not walk around carrying such specialized equipment. Fortunately, our nose has receptors to recognize bad odors that warn of the proximity of harmful substances. Scent Australia’s fragrance technology removes these threats to protect your guests, clients and customers from such harm. Our scientifically formulated scents are designed to bind to bad odour molecules and eliminate them, as opposed to other air fresheners that simply mask them.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye”, says the famous quote from The Little Prince. The benefits of odour control provided by Scent Australia will be perceived by every person who enters into a room infused with our discrete fragrance solutions. The neural response to a pleasant smell is proven to positively influence customer satisfaction, strengthen brand identity and increase brand recall. With our scent diffusers, odour neutralisers and signature fragrances, you will:

  • Eliminate undesirable odours in bin rooms, gym and fitness areas, high use foot traffic areas, restaurants’ grease traps, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Create a welcoming ambience at every touchpoint to invite new visitors.
  • Enhance customer experience and loyalty not only by eliminating unpleasant odours but also by diffusing unique scents that trigger positive emotions.
  • Increase dwell time by crafting a comfortable environment that customers will never want to leave.
  • Create a luxurious atmosphere with premium aroma oils.  

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