Customer Experience in the Fashion Industry

Customer experience in the fashion industry, and any industry, is essential for business growth and success. Exceptional customer service is one of the top-most priorities that many successful businesses strive for in their daily goals. The fashion industry is no exception to this because customer experience is everything. Without customers, there is no business. 

Where do scents come into this? Why scent marketing of course! Studies show that our sense of smell and the fragrances used in stores have a direct impact on our experiences. This includes customer experiences in the fashion industry. The way a store smells can greatly affect whether we come back to that store again. It can also affect our purchasing habits! 

Want to know more about how the scent industry can help you achieve great customer experience that enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty? Keep reading and we’ll let you in on some scent secrets. 

Why Do We Need Great Customer Experience?

Great customer experience helps a business to develop its brand awareness in a positive light. With brand awareness comes brand identity, with brand identity comes brand positioning and with brand positioning comes responsibility. A responsibility to maintain your brand image and to create a brand that continues to provide exceptional customer experiences for its loyal and new customers. 

Here is how positive customer experience can help your business to thrive:

  • Makes you stand out from competitors
  • Enhances brand recall and recognition
  • Improves customer loyalty 
  • Gives customers less reasons to leave

When customers are provided with a great experience from entering your store they are more likely to come back and spend with you again. Repeat customers generate revenue and are less costly in marketing strategies. 

One of the best brand development strategies any business in the fashion industry can use to improve their brand positioning, is scent marketing. 

Scent Australia can help with this. 

Use Scent Marketing to Improve Customer Experience

If a customer doesn’t like the smell of your store, they’ll either shop as quickly as they can or leave as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, this also means they won’t be back to your store anytime soon. 

That’s why scent marketing is so effective. Because it leaves customers wanting more. 

An ambient scent in your store can create a desire in customers to spend longer browsing shelves and clothes, trying outfits on, and genuinely enjoying their time within your shop. Scents can have a deep effect on emotional responses in consumers, including improve their mood and make them feel more at ease in store. Scents like smooth vanilla, uplifting bergamot, and natural florals can turn a shopper’s day from stressful to pleasant with just one whiff. 

Research shows that many consumers love their favourite brands partly because of the fragrance they use in their store! Studies also show a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to a nice odour. 

Smell Affects Customers

The smell of your store directly impacts your customers and the experience they have in your store. If you want to be known as a brand that leaves a lasting and positive impression on your customers, we strongly encourage scent marketing for your brand development strategy. 

Create a signature scent that makes your customers feel energised and focused, or create a scent that makes consumers feel healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Some other retail stores we work with at Scent Australia include Glue Store, Nude Lucy and Country Road. Country Road’s fig tree scent, dispersed throughout their store with a medium commercial diffuser is the perfect branding example to show how customer satisfaction and experience can be directly correlated with the scent in your store. 

If you’re looking to improve brand awareness and customer experience in your retail outlet, contact the team at Scent Australia to discuss the perfect scent for your fashion label.