Customer Loyalty in the Fashion Industry 

Vanilla, freshly washed clothes, lavender and citrus-scented fragrances in retail stores are where customer and brand loyalty peak. You might be wondering how these scents can improve your customer experience to enhance brand loyalty. Australia’s leading scent company, Scent Australia, is here to tell you about emotional branding through the best scent diffuser and diffuser fragrance for your store. It’s what we like to call scent marketing, and it’s one of the marketing strategies you need to improve customer loyalty. 

Improve Customer Loyalty with Quality Fragrance Oils

Here’s a simple step-by-step on how to increase customer experience and loyalty with scent marketing:

Although scents can be complex, scent marketing does not have to be. It’s about building your brand image in a positive way that ensures customers feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy when entering and leaving your store. Add a little extra indulgence to the air to develop your fashion label as a luxurious and sought-after brand, and there’s hardly a better way to build and improve your brand image and create a strong brand positioning. 

Emotional Branding Examples  

Some of the best hotel scents can make a tired and stressed traveller feel comfortable and calm throughout their checking-in experience. The same can be done and is done every day, in various retail stores. 

Stores like Country Road, Nude Lucy and Glue Store to name a few, are just some of the retail brand's Scent Australia works with to build a strong brand image and enhance customer loyalty through the magic of invigorating fragrances. 

The best thing about a scent is that consumers hardly realise what’s happened to their emotions to make them feel more at ease in the room. The subtleness and silence of a commercial scent diffuser slowly release the fragrance into the air while unassuming shoppers browse the shelves. 

Everyone has an emotional response to scents due to past experiences. But there are some scents that induce a sense of comfort, relaxation, luxury and contentment in us more than other scents do. 

A vanilla scent, for example, has a soothing and warm effect on most because it is a popular scent often used in baking, candles, and laundry detergents. A study in Germany showed that the smell of vanilla induces emotions of peace and calm in both humans and animals. Men have described the smell of vanilla as reminding them of simple childhood days. 

Create a Signature Scent

Many brands that have worked with Scent Australia have created a signature scent like no other. A scent with your favourite flavours, with aromas that remind you of better days and peaceful times, something that wakes you up in the morning and makes you feel good about shopping for yourself and gifts for loved ones. 

Shopping, for many, is a stressful time that leaves us feeling worn out and deflated. You have the power to create a scent that leaves your shoppers and clients feeling the opposite effects. A scent that gives your loyal customers a reason to stay in your store longer, shop with you every time they need a new outfit, promote your fashion brand to their friends and feel good about being your customer. 

Contact the team at Scent Australia to start creating a signature fragrance worth talking about today.