Odour Control in the Fashion Industry

Scenting can drastically improve odour control in the fashion industry. As experts in scenting homes, offices and retail departments, the team at Scent Australia can attest to the benefits of even the subtlest fragrance. Your brand image might just depend on it. 

Brands we work with such as Country Road, Nude Lucy and Glue Store are fine examples of fashion industry companies that have built their brand identity to match the feeling of an alluring scent. 

What Scents Can Do for Your Brand Recall

Say the weather is hot outside, high 30s, and it’s the kind of dry heat that drives people to your store in hopes of some clean and cool air-conditioning. Add a medium-sized commercial diffuser to your store and not only will customers be relieved by the refreshing cool air in the store, but they will also be tempted to linger a little longer by the captivating smell throughout the store. 

Not only will your brand be remembered for saving the day, but people will recall the scent you’ve used when they wear your fashion label. 

So if you want to know how to increase brand recall, hot weather outside or not, Scent Australia can help you do this. 

Create a Brand That Smells Good

In today’s modern world, building a brand that smells good is just as important as creating a brand image that looks good. Controlling the odour in your store could mean the difference between customers who stay longer and spend more vs customers who leave sooner and spend less. 

That’s why we recommend you create a brand identity that people can’t get enough of by designing the perfect scent that not only eliminates bad odours from your store but completely transforms the aura in your store. 

Scents to Control Odour 

Utilising the right scent is a part of your strategic brand development. Just ask our happy customers. 

Some of the most intoxicating scents used in the fashion industry are vanilla, rose, coconut, coffee and amber. Not just rejuvenating but invigorating and enlivening too.  

Scents like peppermint, lavender, ginger and white tea smell are ideal scents for eliminating and controlling odours. When you create a signature scent with Scent Australia like Country Road and other fashion icons have, you can mix and match and pair numerous delicious scents together until you’ve designed the scent that matches your brand. 

Brand Awareness and Odour Control Come Hand in Hand

Our scent marketing strategy will improve the odour in your store and can be used in fashion shows, pop-up stores, and anywhere your brand goes. Using luxury fragrance oils for candles, commercial diffusers and scented room sprays, odour control in the fashion industry has never been easier. 

Did you know that odour development in clothing creates a negative association with clothing? 

No one likes an off or bad smell, so take your signature scent with you on the road and control the vibe your fashion label gives off everywhere you go. Among other factors such as the materials you use and the information you provide on caring for garments, brand awareness is often determined by how you control the odour that surrounds your label.