Tenant Experience in the Property Industry

If you are in the property industry, you already know how important tenant experience is.

In fact, that’s basically upon which the whole industry stands. 

People will not stay long at places where they don’t get the right ‘vibe.’

You are aware of this already if you are even remotely related to property businesses. Airbnb, renting spaces, hoteling, and real estate – doesn’t matter what’s your business.

People spend tons of money to offer their tenants and potential customers the best experience. But there’s a way to subtly enchant them as well. 

In this article, we’ll tell you ways to offer a great tenant experience with the help of scent marketing.

Scent Marketing – An Inexpensive Way to Offer A Delightful Tenant Experience

Properties don’t always need to have the best view or a luxurious interior to be welcoming. 

The vibes and the overall aura of the place matters a lot. There are several things that can be done. But one of the easiest ways to make a property pleasant is scent marketing.

It can really help you grow the business and offer a stellar tenant experience. 


Well, let’s start with a layman’s explanation first. Places that smell great immediately calm people and make them want to stay there. Haven’t you noticed yourself? Whenever you enter a place that’s pleasantly scented, you want to stay there for a long.

And places that smell bad makes you want to just get the work done and leave ASAP!

It’s true, right? And that’s not just mumbo-jumbo, but there’s actual science behind it. Parts of the human brain connected to the sense of smell are directly in tune with how we feel and think.

And big names in the property industry, like Dexus and Vicinity, use our scents to leverage the power of scent marketing for better tenant experiences. 

When businesses of such large scale use scenting to grow, they must be doing something right, no?

How to Step Into Scent marketing?

If you are eager to implement scent marketing for your property business, then Scent Australia is your perfect choice. We create customized scenting options for businesses. 

We are proud to have Dexus and Vicinity as our clients. Scent Australia also creates signature scent extensions for them, such as room sprays and candles. And we’d love to offer great products to you as well. 

With us, you get scent solutions that truly represent your brand’s voice. 

As for the diffuser, our Medium Room Commercial Scent Diffuser is currently a widely loved choice. 

All that you need to do is ping us and tell us about your scent marketing needs.

From there on, we’ll guide you in the best possible and offer you top-quality scent marketing solutions.

The Benefits of Scenting In the Property Industry

If you’d implement something for the business, you’d surely expect returns. Here are a few benefits that scent marketing can bring to your property business.

  • Property Differentiation

Honestly, most properties look and feel the same these days. With a few variations of colour schemes and furniture. But with scenting, you can bring a completely new touch to the place. 

With our help, you can even have customized scents for a certain property. That way, the visitors can immediately feel the difference between the properties of your business and of others.

  • Memorable Experiences

Pleasant scents offer amazing memories as well. When you install scenting options at your business, you’ll deliver a pleasant experience to your potential customers. This will largely increase the probability of you closing more sales!

Not everyone that comes to you will buy something. And that’s okay. But when people return from your business with pleasant memories, they’ll keep you in mind. And if in the future they need some property dealings, you’d be the first to pop up in their minds.

  • Pleasurable Ambience 

There are actual researches that show that businesses with pleasant ambiences perform better. 

And great smells can really amp up the ambience of your property businesses. For the price that you can get our products and scents and the returns that you can get, you’ll find scent marketing a worthy investment for sure.

Final Words

Scent Marketing is a powerful tool that can help your property business grow.

Not a lot of businesses are using it right now. This leaves you with a first mover’s advantage. Implementing it before others can give you an edge to grow the business and have happy customers.

Want that? Come to us right now!