Tenant Loyalty in the Property Industry

Want your great tenants to stay with you long-term? You may need something more than a furnished apartment with great views.

Tenant loyalty is a big deal in the property business.

Anyone in the property industry knows that getting good tenants is a blessing. Because honestly, tenant rotation isn’t a very pleasant deal. 

But how do you ensure that your dream tenants don’t vacate the properties soon? Well, there’s a secret ingredient that you use to make your tenant loyal to you.

Let’s see what it is!

The Magic of Scent Marketing 

Scents are really powerful. 

They subtly impact humans and can be really persuasive. 

Imagine, for yourself, ever entered a hotel lobby that smelled so good that you couldn’t resist getting a room there.

Or passing by a restaurant or a coffee shop that exuded such smells that you stopped for a quick bite or a cup of coffee. So you get how powerful smells can be!

Large property businesses like Dexus and Vicinity know this secret. 

They are already using scent marketing for a long time to develop an emotional connection with their customers. And they source their scent marketing solutions from us, Scent Australia

And if you are someone in the property business, you too can leverage the power of scent marketing to get loyal tenants

How To Leverage Scent Marketing With Scent Australia?

Grow your property business and leverage scent marketing to enhance tenant loyalty with our perfect scenting solutions for you!

By using scents, you’ll differentiate your properties from the rest. And it’s really simple to do that. 

You can get our Electric room scent diffuser

  • It works for any room that’s up to 900 m3 in size. 
  • It works with the advanced submicron scent diffusion technology that leaves no residue 
  • It works so silent, your tenants will hardly ever feel its presence. 

And the best part? You don’t even need to pay loads of money to get it. We offer this product in easy instalments. 

But if you don’t want to own it, that’s fine too. We offer this machine for rental periods of 1, 2, and 3 years. 

This offer is to help you experiment with the product. And if you don’t like the results, you can return the product. Simple. Though, hardly anyone ever returns it because the results landlord and people in the property business get are truly amazing!

So, ready to experience the benefits of scent marketing for your property business? Contact us right away! 

We even offer customized scenting solutions for businesses. So if you want a scent that’s only for your business, come to us. We can help you with that as well.

How Does Scent Marketing Work?

Humans love positive experiences. And they love places that give them amazing vibes. 

When you install scenting mechanisms on the properties, you are helping people create pleasant memories subconsciously. 

Basically, scents are powerful because they impact the memory and emotion centres of the brain. So happy, uplifting scents will deliver positive experiences to people. As a result, your tenants will experience:

  • Better moods
  • Relaxed states of mind
  • Pleasant memories
  • Uplifted vibes
  • Productive 

And who’d want to leave places that give such positivity-packed experiences to the brain? 

Scent marketing can really help your property business grow. In fact, if your tenants enjoy your place, they’d happily even pay more to stay with you.

Rounding Up – Use Scent Marketing To Grow Your Property Business

No one in the property business wants to expend all their energy on constantly dealing with empty apartments. 

You’d want your tenants to stay for the longest so that you can focus on growing your business and other necessary commitments.

With scent marketing, you can make your tenants stay for the longest possible time. Don’t you want that? It’s time you get exactly that with Scent Australia!