Scent Marketing Case Studies

Scent marketing is the newest way that businesses can easily connect with customers on an emotional level. Savvy hotel operators, retailers and many other kinds of businesses have realised these benefits. We have found that almost every single client whom tested our products, ended up using them on an ongoing basis thanks to the wonderful feedback they receive from their customers and clientele.

The reason? No one bothers to tell the receptionist at a hotel or a shop that the decor is attractive or that nice music fills the air but every day our clients receive comments and inquiries about the wonderful scent in the air!

Below you will find scent marketing case studies with solutions or examples of industries who have had scent marketing success.

Do you have a scent marketing strategy for your business? If not, contact us to find out how you can set yourself apart from your competition!

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 It’s easier than you think to give visitors to your store an unforgettable experience with the perfect scent.

Perception of Brand

A little extra indulgence in the air will help to develop your fashion label as a luxurious and sought-after brand.

Perception of Product Quality

Fashion shoppers make quick assessments of product quality, scent can help create an atmosphere of comfortable luxury and enhance the appeal of a brand worth exploring.

Customer Experience

A relaxing yet luxurious fragrance makes your store welcoming, increases the quality and quantity of the time spent in store and enhances the customer’s overall perception of your products, brand, service quality and care.

Customer Loyalty

With a comforting fragrance, give customers a reason to stay in your store longer, shop with you every time they need a new outfit, promote your fashion brand to their friends and feel good about being your customer.

Dwell Time

Create a comfortable and inviting in-store ambience that customers want to linger in; a subtly fragrant atmosphere builds the desire to spend longer browsing shelves and clothes, trying outfits on, purchasing items, and genuinely enjoying their time in your shop. 

Odour Control

Building a brand that smells good is just as important as creating a brand image that looks good. Controlling the odour in your store could mean the difference between customers who stay longer and spend more vs customers who leave sooner and spend less.

Our Satisfied Customers

Research on scents usage

in night clubs, gaming rooms and casinos

Casino scent or gaming area scent research US studies made in casinos showed that there was an increase by 45% of gambling revenue with the introduction of certain aromas or casino scents. Guests feel more comfortable because of the scent, they spend more time in a casino and thus spend more money. A luxury scent displayed in a casino is a sure way to let your guests be relaxed and have fun while time flies.

Nighclubbing in Europe research

Researchers in the Netherlands decided to test how people would respond to ambient scenting in nightclubs. They infused pleasant scents into separate dance clubs and compared results to the same clubs in an unscented condition. About 850 young club goers were given short questionnaires asking them to rate the quality of the evening, the music, the club and their feelings.

Consistently, those in the scented club environment reported that the music was better, the club was more fun, and their mood was more cheerful than in the unscented clubs. Scent also increased the dancing activity in the clubs.

The scientists concluded that ambient scenting is something that nightclub owners can use to differentiate themselves from competitors, increase visitor return rate and boost revenue. Club scents should correlate with the lights and music, so that high arousal music is paired with a stimulating scent.

Hotel marketing with a hotel scent diffuser

If you need to eliminate a bad hotel smell or odour or are looking for hotel marketing ideas or strategies for your hotel or resort, contact Scent Australia today and start scenting in no time with a hotel scent diffuser and a bespoke branded scent, fragrance or aroma!

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