Luxury Reed Diffusers

Perfect to create a nice welcoming atmosphere in your home or your house. Our scented glass bottle reed diffusers can be supplied with any fragrance oil or scent we have available and display beautiful fragrances very easily. So you can enjoy a heavenly scented home with one of our collection of exclusive reed diffusers fragrances. Combine your favourite fragrance with one of our luxury reed diffusers to wonderfully perfume your office or home.

  • Mains powered
  • 900-9,000m3 coverage
  • Time & intensity controls
Best luxury scented reed diffusers Australia

About Luxury Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are an increasingly popular way to gently scent and freshen your office & inside your house or home. Reed diffusers are a generally safe and long-lasting method of scenting the air without resorting to the open flame, hot wax, chemicals or electricity required by different commercial air freshenersAt Scent Australia, for our reed diffusers, we use products of the best quality to provide our customers with a superb experience for scenting your home.

  • No flame or heat

Unlike candles, a scented reed diffuser has no flame to worry about. Heated fragrances like electrical wall plugins may actually damage the fragrance or essential oils. A reed diffuser protects the integrity of the oils.

  • No going out

With incense or candles the aroma is temporary relying on active burning or flames. A reed diffuser lasts all day and night. The only monitoring a reed diffuser needs is a weekly turning of the reeds.

  • No smoke

Whist incense is a nice alternative, the smoke is not so good. A reed diffuser achieves the same purpose but without any smoke.

  • No wax or mess

Incense produces ashes, candles have wax, but a reed diffuser has neither.

  • No aerosols

Unlike scents sprayed from a can, a reed diffusers does not have any added chemicals.

  • No electric power

You can place a reed diffuser anywhere without having the electrical cost or having to rely on an outlet or batteries.

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