The Kooples Rocking Scent

“The fire crackled as if to say hello to passing strangers. The night had set in, but the brilliance of the flames danced with burnt amber.” It almost feels as though our popular fragrance, Santal 66, was made with the only intention of surrendering to The Kooples elegance. The French contemporary brand opened their first boutique in 2008. It rapidly reached international brand image recognition thanks to its unique street rock aesthetic. Do you know how to develop a brand identity of affordable luxury with a rebellious attitude? Extract the classicism of French fashion and London’s urban style, and mix them into an androginous brand image. Welcome to The Kooples. 

“The fire crackled as if to say hello to passing strangers…” The goal of The Kooples Australia when they contacted us looking for a new brand strategy was to enhance their in-store experience. This way, they hoped to improve customer satisfaction, thus gaining brand loyalty and brand recall. In the current omnichannel marketing scenario, companies are trying hard to build the brand through a seemingly infinite variety of platforms. Focusing on customer experience and satisfaction throughout the entire buying journey is a necessary strategy for positively establishing brand positioning. Some brand strategy examples include the personalization of services and responsive customer care to make the shopper feel looked after. This client knows it takes two to write a story, which is why The Kooples Melbourne chose our Santal 66 scent. The crackling fire welcomes strangers into a cohesive ambience that creates a memorable narrative. 

At Scent Australia we are experts in creating a brand strategy of sensorial dimensions. The fragrance used in this case features sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris. The Kooples designs have a color palette with a significant predominance of black, like burnt wood and rock and roll, gender fluid leather. “...The brilliance of the flames danced with burnt amber” speaks of the harmony between male and female energies intertwining in a collection that appeals to everyone. “Hours slipped away, and as the morning warmth set in, the flames dismantled into a smokey sweetness that lingered with exuberance.” Our client wanted to increase store dwell time to heighten their sales. The sophisticated aromas of Santal 66 seduce customers to linger in the smokey sweetness while slowly unveiling an assortment of exuberant garments. 

The emotional image and branding technique of using scent to create brand identity matches the strong DNA of the French brand and supports its constant evolution. The Kooples have been implementing modern brand building strategies in their advertising campaigns, social media networks and e-commerce platforms. Scent marketing materializes the glamor and naturalness of the brand to strengthen their brand awareness and support their increasing digital visibility. 

The word Kooples is a neologism thought by one of the founding brothers, derived from the phonetic spelling of the word couples pronounced by a French person. “The wood that lay beneath surrendered as fuel for a deeper cause, and dispensed notes of Santal 66.” Welcome to The Kooples, always looking to offer something extra. The perfect partner for Scent Australia, providing that extra which brands are looking for.